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Kid Ramos

Born on January 13, 1959, in Fullerton, CA, blues-rock guitarist David "Kid" Ramos inherited his love of music from his parents, who were both professional opera singers. When his father grew tired of life on the road, he settled down with his family, buying a gas station in Anaheim.

One day, when Kid was eight, he bought his son an electric guitar and amplifier from a customer passing through. By his teenaged years, Ramos was playing friend's parties and nightclubs on a regular basis, joining harmonica expert James Harman's blues-based band in 1980 (all its members sported sharkskin suits), playing up and down California alongside such punk bands as X, Oingo Boingo, the Blasters, and the Plimsouls.

Kid played with the Harman Band for most of the '80s, until his departure in 1988, and although he filled in as the guitarist for the outfit Roomful of Blues, decided to put his musical career on the backburner to focus on his home life and start a family (for the next several years, Ramos was employed as a water delivery man).

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Kid Ramos: West Coast House Party
Art-Nr.: CD26110

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(2000 'Evidence') (58:44/16) Was für eine illustre Gästeliste auf diesem neuen Album! Doch die Qualität der Musiker entspricht leider nicht dem eher laschen Geamteindruck der Produktion. Alle legen sich schwer ins Zeug, doch die Aufnahmen lassen die nötige...

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Kid Ramos: Old School (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRC1802

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(2018/Rip Cat) 8 tracks. 2018 release 'Old School' was made in two days at Big Jon Atkinson’s home studio in Hayward, California. It was recorded live to tape on two tracks using all analogue equipment, vintage microphones, and the brilliant recording techniques of...

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Kid Ramos: Kid Ramos
Art-Nr.: CD26104

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(1999 'Evidence') (56:45/15) Der langjährige Gitarrist in der James Harman Band und nun: den Fabulous Thunderbirds mit einem zweiten Album in Allstar-Besetzung. Er ist sicherlich einer Besten, wenn es um eine kraftvolle und traditionelle Gitarrenspielweise...

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Kid Ramos: Greasy Kid Stuff
Art-Nr.: CD26117

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I was pretty disappointed from his last album. Don't know exactly what was wrong; maybe it was the sound in general. This one here is a killer! Right from the very first chord it will hit you like a hammer. Ramos' guitar almost jumps out of the speakers, sounds...

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Kid Ramos: Two Hands One Heart
Art-Nr.: CDRC1115

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(2014/Rip Cat Records) 19 tracks. His 1995 Black Magic album plus 3 bonus tracks (alt. versions). 40s/50s style jump blues. Excellent!!!!!

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