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Art-Nr.: KAL2019

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(Blues Images) 23 tracks. The2019 'Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920's' Calendar with free CD has broad appeal to anyone interested in Blues music or history. Within its pages is a huge treasure trove of original Blues artwork from the earliest days of recorded...

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Kalender / Calendar: 2018
Art-Nr.: KAL2018

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(2017/Blues Images) 24 tracks. Artwork Calendar with Free CD! Featuring 24 classic Pre-War Blues songs from such artists as: Charlie Patton, Blind Willie Johnson, Tommy Johnson and more.

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Elvis Presley: Pictures Of Elvis Presley And Other Great Names In Entertainment - Scrapbook (c.Tucker - Williams 1981)
Art-Nr.: 0016118

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Paperback, 32 pages/Seiten; rare Souvenirbooklet with great 8x10 photos in b&w! Rare 1950s scrapbook from the collection of Gabe Tucker, Houston,TX.

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Bernhard Geiger: Songbook - Best Of Country Vol.2
Art-Nr.: 0031407

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(Musikverlag Geiger) Paperback, 21x30 cm, 32 Seiten;

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Kitty Wells: The Golden Years by Bob Pinson & Richard Weize
Art-Nr.: BFB10009

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Kitty Wells   The Golden Years - A bio/discography 1949 - 1957 by Bob Pinson, Richard Weize & Charles Wolfe  BFB 10009 EAN: 4000127100092 ISBN: 3-924787-08-5  DIN-A5; 32 pages  Nashville-born singer Kitty Wells was truly the First...

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