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Neal Umphred: Goldmine's Rock 'n' Roll 45 RPM Record Price Guide by Neal Umphred
Art-Nr.: book51995

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Taschenbuch - 672 Seiten - KP Books - 1992 - Englisch The Most Accurate Values For Tens Of Thousands Of Roc'n Roll And Pictures Sleeves. The Most Significant Book Published To Date For Collectors And Fans. Includes: • Promos • Colored Vinyl • White Vocal Groups •...

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Neal Umphred: Goldmine Price Guide To Collectable Record Albums 5th Edition
Art-Nr.: 0041200

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Taschenbuch - 832 Seiten - KP Books - Auflage: 5 - 1996 - Englisch Wie von der Zeitschrift 'Goldmine' nicht anders zu erwarten ist dies eine sehr gründlich recherchierte Preisliste, in der man sich auf 104 Seiten Einführung die Mühe gemacht hat, auch kleinste...

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Goldmine: Goldmine - Goldmine's Price Guide to Collectible Jazz Albums, 1949-1969
Art-Nr.: Book412018

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Taschenbuch - 414 Seiten - KP Books - 1992 - Englisch • Instrumental and Vocal Jaz • Over 15,000 albums listed and priced • More than 1,000 listings of "various artists" compilations and leaderless "blowing sessions" • Over 100 photos of very rare albums • The...

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Tim Neely: Goldmine Country & Western Record Price Guide (LP,45,78) 2nd.
Art-Nr.: 0071531

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(2001/Krause) 2nd. PB, 21.5x27.5 cm, 540 pages, cover & label shots; The second edition of the 'Goldmine Country & Western Record Price Guide' is just what you need. Completely revamped from the first edition, this book contains listings and up-to-date market...

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