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MONKEYJUNK: All Frequencies (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSPCD1366

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(2013/Stony Plain) 10 tracks. MonkeyJunks Sound is a modern mix of R & B, soul boogie and funk. In the second Stony Plain album of MonkeyJunk, fans can look forward to more catchy choreuss, shorter instrumental breaks and a powerful sound.

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Monkeyjunk: Moon Turn Red
Art-Nr.: CDSPCD1382

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(2015/Stony Plain) 10 tracks. Their forth CD forr Stony Plain. Tony D. - gtr/backing voc, Steve Marriner voc/gtr/hca/vibes/kbds, Matt Sobb - durms/perc/backing voc. Guests: David Wilcox, Gordie Johnson, a.o.

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MONKEYJUNK: Tiger In Your Tank
Art-Nr.: CDSPCD1377

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(2014/Stoney Plain) 11 tracks. Re-release of the first CD of the Canadian trio. Great musicians , Excelent sound. Tony D - gtrs/voc, Steve Mariner - voc/hca/gtrs/org, Matt Sobb -drums.

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MONKEYJUNK: Tiger In Your Tank

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Great new, 'young' band from Canada. This trio features the talents of Tony D., one of the most-respected bluesmen in his country. The drummer has been drumming forever, and Steve Mariner first came to my attention as the 16-year-old in JW-Jones' first band. Here...

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