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Little Big Town: The Breaker (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD570775

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(2017/Capitol Nashville) 12 tracks. Little Big Town's latest single 'Better Man', written by Taylor Swift, reached # 1 of the US Countrycharts. Their eighth album, full of great country pop. With their four-voice harmony singing, they bring fresh air into today's...

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Little Big Town: Tornado (2012)
Art-Nr.: CD442882

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(2012/CAPITOL) 11 tracks produced by Jay Joyce. Feat.'Pontoon'.

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Little Big Town: Pain Killer
Art-Nr.: CD3790583

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(2014/Capitol Nashville) 13 tracks (46:25)

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Little Big Town: The Road To Here
Art-Nr.: CDEQ3010

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(2005/EQUITY) 13 tracks hot newcomers with a great blend of Country & Bluegrass influences !

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Little Big Town: A Place To Land (2007)
Art-Nr.: CDCAP27864

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(2011/CAPITOL) 16 tracks (68:10) with 16 page booklet.

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Little Big Town: The Reason Why
Art-Nr.: LPCAP88755

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(2010/CAPITOL) 12 tracks - Gatefold/Klappcover

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Little Big Town: Little Big Town Tornado
Art-Nr.: LPCAP44288

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(2012/CAPITOL) 11 titres - Gatefold / KLappcover ..

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Little Big Town: The Reason Why
Art-Nr.: CDCAP88755

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(2010/CAPITOL) 12 tracks (46:02) including all lyrics.

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