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The Allen brothers, Austin Allen, born Feb. 7, 1901 in Sevanee, Tennessee, died Jan. 5, 1959, and Lee Allen, born June 1, 1906 in Sevanee, Tennessee, died Feb. 24, 1981, were an American Oldtime Country Duo in the 1920s and 1930s. Since many of their songs were about the city of Chattanooga, they were often jokingly called the'Chattanooga Boys'.


Both began early to master musical instruments. Austin played banjo and harmonica while Lee concentrated on guitar and kazoo. Having turned into professional musicians influenced by local country, jazz and blues artists, they played up and down the Mississippi River region, performing in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville, radio stations, medicine shows and vaudeville stages. Between 1927 and 1934 they had a total of 36 records on the market, mainly rags and blues, with often time-related current texts. After their separation in 1934 Austin remained in New York City, while Lee went back to Tennessee.

Record labels: Columbia, Victor, Vocalion, Old Timey, Folk Variety 

Art-Nr.: BF15501

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When You Leave Me You'll Leave Me Sad
ALLEN BROTHERS: When You Leave Me You'll Leave Me Sad Art-Nr.: BF15501

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