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Les Chaussettes Noires: Chaussettes Noires Party (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD557025

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(1998/Polydor France) 12 Tracks, Digipack - Barclay 1963, CD reissue - Original Deluxe Edition still factory sealed!

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Les Chaussettes Noire: Rock'n Twist - Digipack (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD076030

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(2003/UNIVERSAL) 10 tracks Original: 1961/Barclay

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CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: Story - Twistin' The Rock Vol.5 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD549906

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CD on MAGIC RECORDS by CHAUSSETTES NOIRES - Story - Twistin' The Rock Vol.5 (CD)

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CHAUSSETTES NOIRES: Daniela - Generation Idoles
Art-Nr.: CD3930951

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​(2013/Magic) 26 tracks, all Rockers from 1961 & 1962! One Of the best french Rock & Roll bands! Highly recommended!

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Les Chaussettes Noires: 100 % Rock - Digipack (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD076029

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(2003/UNIVERSAL) 10 tracks  - The original 1961 album on CD

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Les Chaussettes Noires: Les Chaussettes Noires Vol.3 (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD3931004

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(2015/Magic) 38 tracks, 1961-63, the premier Rock'n'Roll group in France, studio and live recordings, incl. their famous 'Be Bop A Lula' version, plus many rarities!

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