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"Insterburg and Co differ from carnival jokes like Hannes Wader from Udo Jürgens" ('Sing In' 1/1972)

At the beginning of the 60s, Ingo Insterburg and Jürgen Barz as well as Karl Dall and Peter Ehlebracht gathered their first stage experiences in smoky student pubs in Berlin alongside people like Reinhard Mey, Ulrich Roski or Schobert & Black. Four years later, Insterburg & Co also released an LP under this title. Critics of a Berlin newspaper at the time wrote: "What they offer in their programme 'Musical Junk' is a mixture of talent and dilettantism, creative eccentricity and sourness, inimitable and dwarfish. The repertoire of Insterburg & Co consisted of comic music pieces and spontaneous sketches - the term stand-up comedy did not even exist in Germany at that time. The four often took each other for a ride. Their sketches and songs, which were not uncommon in the area of zote, were mostly presented with instruments built by Ingo Insterburg himself, many of which consisted of converted kitchen, garden and other everyday utensils - such as the chair leg clarinet, the fir tree violin, the bucket cello or the milking bucket guitar.

With their programmes they belonged for a while to the inventory of the TV show 'Musikladen' of Radio Bremen, and Hans Rosenthal's 'Dalli Dalli' was also a regular guest at Insterburg & Co. Between 1968 and 1978 there were also almost a dozen successful records, and their live tours ensured sold out halls: "We are the cheerful Insterburgers of Insterburg & Co., we play on the biggest stages and not only at home' on the toilet. Among her most famous titles are Ingo Insterburg's endless rhyme Ich liebte ein Mädchen and the song Diese Scheibe ist ein Hit, also sung by Karl Dall, which is also represented here.

In a portrait of Insterburg & Co in 1972, 'Sing In' read: "A direct, concrete political action or statement is not to be expected from Insterburg. Nevertheless, their stupidity cannot be valued highly enough: as the smashing of so-called cultural values on the one hand, as loosening exercises with creative consequences on the other. Not everything they bring is good, not everything they bring is original or original, but everything is coherent in itself and in the program. And that should decide the evaluation. In addition, the left in Germany in particular needs more humour."

At the end of the 70s Insterburg & Co dissolved. Constant touring stress, a lack of inspiration and only half-full halls ensured listlessness. Already without Peter Ehlebracht there was the last appearance in spring 1979. Ingo Insterburg returned to his passion, cabaret, and Karl Dall made a career with comedy. At the end of 2004 and in the course of 2005 there was a kind of reunion at some duo appearances of Insterburg and Dall.

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Spassvogeleien Live 1992 (2-CD)
Insterburg & Co: Spassvogeleien Live 1992 (2-CD) Art-Nr.: CD65523

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(1992/POOL) Livemitschnitt aus der Wabe in Berlin (96:02)
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Ein faules Ei...ist immer dabei (CD)
Insterburg & Co: Ein faules Ei...ist immer dabei (CD) Art-Nr.: CD65143

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(Pool) 18 tracks
Ein Faules Ei Ist Immer Dabei (LP)
Insterburg & Co: Ein Faules Ei Ist Immer Dabei (LP) Art-Nr.: LP65142

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(Pool Records) 18 Tracks
Märchenhaftes von Insterburg & Co. (CD)
Insterburg & Co: Märchenhaftes von Insterburg & Co. (CD) Art-Nr.: CD65593

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(Pool) 10 Märchen (76:47)