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Raffaella Carra: Grandes Exitos 1981-84
Art-Nr.: CDEMI99730

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(2002/EMI) 14 tracks

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Raffaella Carra: Raffica (2-CD&DVD) La Carra In TV
Art-Nr.: CDBMG02924

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(SONY/BMG ITALY) 23 audio tracks 1970-2004 plus DVD (PAL/Code 2/ Stereo/4:3/122 Min.) contains 37 TV clips 1970-2004. Slipcase packaging with 20 pge color booklet.

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Raffaella Carra: Balletti & Duetti (2-CD&DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDBMG88127

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Raffaella Carra: Un' Ora Con (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD887254

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(2012/Sony) 17 Tracks

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Raffaella Carra: I Miei Successi (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSNY33932

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(2011/Sony) 36 tracks

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