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Art-Nr.: CDENV155

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7-piece Rhythm & Ska Orchestra with guest appearances by Mike Sanchez & Knock-Out Greg. Recorded in Stockholm. Great Rhythm - Great Fun - Great Album! Including a superb version of Steve Alaimo's Ska monster 'Soon You'll Be Gone' and many other dance floor fillers.

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Beat From Palookaville: The Beat from... Palookaville 7inch, 45rpm, PS, EP
Art-Nr.: 45SR56

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Super hot new modern rockin' four track EP. A great mix from garage, ska to blues bop - can't get any better than this!

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The Beat From Palookaville: Come Get Ur Lovin'
Art-Nr.: CDSR2640

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(2016/Sleazy) 14 tracks - After lightyears and 'Numero Uno'  the second album of 'The Beat From Palookaville' again with a sizzling mixture of deep 1950s Rhythm'n'Blues with early 1960s Ska elements! Featured artists on this album are James King, Mike Sanchez,...

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The Beat From Palookaville: Come Get Ur Lovin' (LP, 180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPSR16

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(2016/Sleazy) 14 tracks - The newest album of the tremendous 'Beat From Palookaville' on vinyl! Ska and Rhythm 'n' Blues Bonanza! A+ release and highly recommended!

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