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BUDDY HOLLY COUNTRYWISE BEAR FAMILY VINYL CLUB 0000 Before he achieved stardom, Buddy Holly was a struggling country artist in Lubbock, Texas, singing duets with his pal Bob Montgomery. They taped some of their fledgling efforts in 1954-55; those recordings ended up in the hands of Holly's subsequent producer Norman Petty, who overdubbed the Fireballs on them after Holly's death and released them on Coral Records. A rare compilation of those tracks was issued as Countrywise in 1965, and an immaculately realised repressing is one of the latest offerings from Bear Family Vinyl Club.


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Buddy Holly: Countrywise (LP, 10inch, Ltd.)

BEAR FAMILY Vinyl Club Exclusive - Limited collector's edition, order now from Bear Family's Shop and Mailorder - no terms and conditions for dealers! • 10inch LP (limited edition - colored vinyl) in our 11000-series. • Extremely rare Dutch 10" album release from 1965. • At that time, only a few hundred copies were pressed by Deutsche Grammophon . • For a long time it was unclear whether there was 'legal' release or just a...

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