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Batmobile: Batmobile & Peter Pan Speedrock - Cross Contamination
Art-Nr.: CD70732

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(2010/People Like You) 10 tracks, 5 tracks per band, when Psychobilly meets metal, interesting project as both bands play the songs of each other! MM/Bear Family Records

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Batmobile: Bail Was Set At $6.000.000
Art-Nr.: CDCL64304

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(2010/CRAZY LOVE) 12 tracks

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Batmobile: Batmobile
Art-Nr.: CDKIX2222

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(1993/Rockhouse) 7 tracks, reissue of the original 1984 KIX-4U Mini-LP, Bert Rockhuizen's sub-label for Psychobilly, great first official recordings by Batmobile sounding much like Neo Rockabilly! Fantastic debut album! MM/Bear Family Records

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Batmobile: Brand New Blisters (LP, 180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPMOV1824

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(2017/Music On Vinyl) 15 Tracks - 180g audiophile vinyl! Finally the long-awaited new Batmobile album after 20 years! Bang Bang! Here comes the Batmobile! This is the result of a six month hard studio work in Jeroen Haamers' own Shit Pit Studio. Mastered by the great...

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