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Brigitte Bardot: Brigitte Bardot (CD-Book)
Art-Nr.: CDVADE8602

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(Vade Retro) 11 Tracks - 2018 edition of the legendary first edition of 1998 for the 20th anniversary! Breathtaking color and b/w photos in a 112-page book in CD format (written in French language). The CD contains their most famous songs from the 60s!

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Brigitte Bardot: Tendres Années 60 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD063394

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(2003/UNIVERSAL) 15 tracks

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Brigitte Bardot: Girl In The Bikini - Soundtrack
Art-Nr.: CDACMEM081

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(2006/EL) 9 tracks by Jean Yatove 1952

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Brigitte Bardot: B.B. 64 (CD, Limited Edition)
Art-Nr.: CD077110

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(2003/Mercury France) 10 Tracks - Digipack - CD reissue of original 1964 Philips album!

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Brigitte Bardot: Musiques De Films (11x7inch, 45rpm PS) Box Limited
Art-Nr.: MERCURY24072

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(2010/MERCURY FRANCE) 10xEP & 1xSingle w.original picture sleeves. 1957-1971.Numbered, limited Box-set.

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Brigitte Bardot: Brigitte Bardot (CD, Limited Edition)
Art-Nr.: CD586025

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(2001/Universal) 16 Tracks - Digipack - Limited Edition!

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Brigitte Bardot: Divine B.B. (DVD Deluxe Edition)
Art-Nr.: DVD063312

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(2004/UNIVERSAL) 34 songs, 120 minutes, 3 cult shows 1961-73; PAL, Code 0, Stereo, Dolby 5.1, rare video footage carefully remastered in enhanced sound in Dolby and DTS. Collector's Edition with slipcase packaging.

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Brigitte Bardot: The Best Of Bardot
Art-Nr.: CD981716

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(2004/MERCURY FRANCE) 20 tracks 1963-68 with 12 page booklet - special price

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Brigitte Bardot: Music From Brigitte Bardot Movies (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDGSS5618

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CD on GOLDEN STARS RECORDS by Brigitte Bardot - Music From Brigitte Bardot Movies (3-CD)

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Brigitte Bardot: Masterserie
Art-Nr.: CD531837

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Brigitte Bardot: L'appareil A Sous & BB
Art-Nr.: CD5328550

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