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Cliff Richard Collection (5-CD Box)

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Cliff Richard: Collection (5-CD Box)

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Richard, Cliff - Collection (5-CD Box) CD 1
01 Don't Talk To Him (& B. WELCH) Cliff Richard
02 Fireside Song Cliff Richard
03 It's A Small World Cliff Richard
04 I Will Follow You Cliff Richard
05 La Gonave Cliff Richard
06 Lindsay Jane Cliff Richard
07 Lindsay Jane II Cliff Richard
08 Love And A Helping Hand Cliff Richard
09 Love On (Shine On) Cliff Richard
10 Love Ya Cliff Richard
11 Moving In Cliff Richard
12 No One Waits (& G. ISHERWOOD) Cliff Richard
13 Nothing Left For Me To Say Cliff Richard
14 Nothing To Remind Me Cliff Richard
15 One Time Lover Man Cliff Richard
16 Rock & Roll Juvenile Cliff Richard
17 The Winner (& D. COOKE) Cliff Richard
18 There You Go Again Cliff Richard
19 Where You Are (& D. COOKE) Cliff Richard
20 Yesterday, Today, Forever Cliff Richard
21 You And Me And Jesus Cliff Richard
Richard, Cliff - Collection (5-CD Box) CD 2
01 Constantly Cliff Richard
02 Up In The World Cliff Richard
03 Carrie Cliff Richard
04 A Voice In The Wilderness Cliff Richard
05 The Twelfth Of Never Cliff Richard
06 I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) Cliff Richard
07 The Day I Met Marie Cliff Richard
08 Can't Take The Hurt Anymore Cliff Richard
09 A Little In Love Cliff Richard
10 The Minute You're Gone Cliff Richard
11 Visions Cliff Richard
12 When Two Worlds Drift Apart Cliff Richard
13 The Next Time Cliff Richard
14 It's All In The Game Cliff Richard
15 Don't Talk To Him Cliff Richard
16 When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl... Cliff Richard
17 Theme For A Dream Cliff Richard
18 Fall In Love With You Cliff Richard
19 We Don't Talk Anymore Cliff Richard
Richard, Cliff - Collection (5-CD Box) CD 3
01 You And I Cliff Richard
02 I Cannot Find A True Love Cliff Richard
03 Evergreen Tree Cliff Richard
04 She's Gone Cliff Richard
05 Left Out Again Cliff Richard
06 You're Just The One To Do It Cliff Richard
07 Lamp Of Love Cliff Richard
08 Choppin' & Changin' Cliff Richard
09 We Have It Made Cliff Richard
10 Tell Me Cliff Richard
11 Gee Whiz It's You Cliff Richard
12 I Love You So Cliff Richard
13 I'm Willing To Learn Cliff Richard
14 I Don't Know Cliff Richard
15 Working After School Cliff Richard
Richard, Cliff - Collection (5-CD Box) CD 4
01 Who's In Love Cliff Richard
02 The Best Of Me Cliff Richard
03 Clear Blue Skies Cliff Richard
04 Lean On You Cliff Richard
05 Keep Me Warm Cliff Richard
06 Just Don't Have The Heart Cliff Richard
07 Joanna Cliff Richard
08 Everybody Knows Cliff Richard
09 Forever You Will Be Mine Cliff Richard
10 Better Day Cliff Richard
11 Share A Dream Cliff Richard
Cliff Richard Since Cliff Richard made his chart debut with Move It in September 1958,... more
"Cliff Richard"

Cliff Richard

Since Cliff Richard made his chart debut with Move It in September 1958, popular music has changed beyond recognition. The record industry has progressed to such an extent that modern rock is almost entirely removed from the music of the Fifties in all but spirit. And Cliff Richard is probably the only British artist whose career has successfully embraced the numerous sociological, cultural and musical changes which have shaped the course of what is now a multi-million pound industry.

Born Harry Rodger Webb in Lucknow, India, in October 1940, the future Cliff Richard's upbringing was unremarkable. When India was thrust into political turmoil in the late Forties his parents, Rodger and Dorothy Webb, decided to sell their belongings and sail to England on a passenger steamer from Bombay. Neither of Cliff's parents had ever lived in Britain and by emigrating they sacrificed comparative wealth for a virtually penniless new existence. On arrival they were driven from Tilbury Docks to Carshalton in Surrey where Cliff's maternal grandmother provided temporary refuge until her next-door neighbour lent the homeless family a spare room.

Rodger Webb eventually found employment and the family moved to another room in an aunt's house in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. A neighbour was so appalled at the Webb family's cramped living conditions that she asked a local council official to intervene, and in 1954 the six-strong family were moved to a council house on a quiet estate in Cheshunt.

It was at Cheshunt that Cliff first became interested in music. When his father had a small win on the pools, Dorothy Webb persuaded him to buy a record-player and Cliff was able to play guitar to the popular records of the period. He also excelled in athletics and played football for his school and for the county of Hertfordshire. But the rock 'n' roll music of Bill Haley and especially of Elvis Presley interested him more and would eventually change his life. He began to develop a vocal style by mimicking the popular singers of the day, and he later formed a school vocal group of two boys and three girls called the Quintones, which performed versions of current hits.

"I wanted to be a singer but I don't think I was too serious about it", he recalled in 1972. "It was my mother who always thought I would be a singer, from quite early on when I used to mess around and sing to the records we had. She would say, 'You're as good as all these others.' My Dad put a restraining hand on it all. It balanced my mother's enthusiasm, which was a good thing."

After leaving school at the age of 16, Cliff became a filing clerk at the Thorn electrical factory where his father worked in nearby Enfield. His first move in music was to join a local skiffle group as vocalist but soon left to form his own rock group, the Drifters, with drummer Terry Smart.

But the scene was already over-subscribed with well-intentioned amateurs, and the going was hard. By the spring of 1958, Harry Webb and the Drifters were still playing such local venues as the 'Five Horseshoes' in Hoddesdon and the 'Flamstead End Community Centre'.

Despite the limitations placed upon him by his backing group, Cliff showed distinct promise as a vocalist. His big break came in a talent show, a thing of the past today, but still hugely popular in the Fifties when a public weaned on Hollywood's celluloid glamour could be party to the birth of a potential star. In the summer of 1958, Cliff Richard and the Drifters appeared twice within a month at the 'Gaumont Theatre' in Shepherd's Bush, London.

Although the audience was comprised of local school-children who were prepared to scream at anything, the theatre provided an excellent showcase and John Foster, a young fan acting as Cliff's manager at the time, persuaded a veteran theatrical agent named George Ganjou to come along and see the show. Impressed more by Cliff's good looks and the audience response than by the music he heard, Ganjou arranged for a demo record to be made by the group. This he submitted to one of EMI's house-producers, Norrie Paramor, who was sufficiently impressed to audition the group in his office in the original EMI building in Great Castle Street, London.

In common with most of his middle-aged contemporaries, the 45 year-old Paramor originally felt alienated by rock 'n' roll, although it was his professional duty to respond to it. He had made a few token attempts to exploit it back in 1956 when he recorded Britain's first rock 'n' roll combo, Tony Crombie's Rockets, who were modelled on Bill Haley's Comets. Paramor ignored rock 'n' roll after that but in 1958 he produced a couple of consecutive Top Ten hits Lollipop and Book Of Love, for a semi-rock trio, the Mudlarks.

These successes had awakened Paramor's interest in rock, and it was at this opportune moment that the Drifters' demo came to his attention. At a time when British rock was a mere parody of US product, Paramor had a refreshingly realistic attitude: "It's an American phenomenon", he explained to 'Melody Maker', "and they do it best." Ironically, Paramor's first record with Cliff was to go some way to redressing the balance.

Paramor's original intention was to dispense with the Drifters and record Cliff with the Ken Jones Orchestra, the ensemble that had already provided the accompaniment for several Paramor hits including Michael Holliday's Story Of My Life and the Mudlarks' Lollipop. Had this been the case the result would have been a typically uninspired British Fifties pop record. But Cliff insisted on retaining the Drifters, and a compromise was reached: Cliff was placed under contract, but the Drifters - Terry Smart on drums and Ian Samwell on guitar - would merely be paid a session fee for their services.

Cliff Richard On The Continent (5-CD)
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