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Eva Vargas

"Asphalt poetry and time criticism" ("Time")

"Here Eva sings decent songs" stood on a construction wagon which Eva Vargas set up on the banks of the Neckar in Heidelberg in 1965 and which, until it burned down ten years later, served as an unconventional meeting place for all friends of unusual song poetry. The artist, born in Freiburg in 1930, gave up a career as a business journalist to prefer singing 'Lieder aus dem Lumpenparadies' (Songs from the Rag Paradise) - the title of her first album from 1965. The 'Folk Dictionary' writes about the texts and songs of Eva Vargas: "... [she] delivers macabrely pointed descriptions of everyday life". She herself said in 1972 about her songs in the first issue of 'Sing In': "As seemingly completely apolitical and totally unsentimental despite all lyrisms, they are certainly not an ideal food for lovers of left-wing radical fuss and all kinds of voracious consumers, whose clichés would be pointless to sing against anyway. I, Eva, frightened citizen and citizen fright, bring therefore mostly and preferably before small groups (in the Lumpenparadies, in youth houses and schools), in which then also discussions are possible. The people you sing to also want to know if you live your ideas, if there is something behind them, and what." The title Rückt der Mond mir auf die Pelle recorded here was taken from her 1975 LP 'Kille-Kill den Sandmann'.

In that year, Eva Vargas collected the remains from the ruins of the fire in her construction wagon and thus designed what she calls a 'rest-art paradise' in a former transformer building on the Neckar meadow, which since then has given anyone interested the opportunity to become artistically active on their own initiative. Eva Vargas' latest releases include the 2005 book 'Halleluja, Balla-Balla und Kikeriki - Ein satirischer Streifzug durch die Spaßgesellschaft' and the 2006 CD 'Auf einem Sonnenstrahl'.


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