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Smokey Babe and Lazy Lester

As young and as eclectic in his music as Lazy Lester was, he was rooted in the local blues scene and recalls playing the blues as a teenager with others in Scotlandville under what he called the 'drinking tree.' It was there that Lester met Smoky Babe and fell in with him on a recording session for Harry Oster. According to Lester, Smoky, "was just a little street guitar player, hung around the drinking tree on Bradley Road where everybody would come, drink wine, play guitar, play harmonica, sing. Unless we played on Bradley Road at Field's grocery or something like that, that's about the onliest club he would come to, when we was in walking distance from him." Here, Smoky's ringing guitar rhythm and solos and Lester's flitting harp fills and little asides command attention just as much as Smoky's reflections about the river and his woman on the other side. When Oster issued this song on an LP he gave Lester the name 'Henry Thomas' in case J.D. Miller ever came to hear his contracted artist had been moonlighting. Robert Brown, Smoky Babe, died in 1975...

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Extract from: Various Artists - Blues Kings Of Baton Rouge (2-CD) - BCD17512

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