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Reiner Schöne

Reiner Schöne, born 1942 in Kassel, grew up in Weimar, landed in East Berlin in the middle of the 60's after completing acting school (Weimar) and his first theatre engagement (Görlitz). He worked in the dubbing studio, made radio plays, played the Orpheus in Tennessee Williams' play 'Orpheus descends' on television and the leading role in the musical 'The Music Man' in the Metropol Theater. At the same time he made music, had started with Skiffle and Dixieland in Weimar and now sang and played mainly blues, with which he made a big impression not only in the Hootenanny-Klub Berlin. "... he has blues feeling and could honour any Behrend show [jazz critic Joachim-Ernst Behrendt, author's note]", wrote the Hamburg newspaper 'Die Zeit'.

Beautiful also sang folk songs and texts by various authors. In a magazine he read the German translation of an American Vietnam song, wrote his own music and sang this and another song to the Amiga responsible person. One week later the recordings for Schönes erste Single took place. In the same year (1966) he also recorded two titles by Hartmut König for the record, the Klaus-Lenz-Sextet.

About the time in the Hootenanny Club he said: "I was there from the beginning. And I enjoyed it a lot. Everyone who wanted to came. No one had the ambition to be considered an artist. They sang because they enjoyed it. And you knew that you confessed to what you sang. It was fun to present own productions in front of the audience. That's what really appealed to me back then."
An article in the GDR magazine 'Funk und Fernsehen', which praised Schönes Vielseitigkeit, ended with the sentence that "it is to be expected that this young man will often attract our attention. According to the official understanding of the GDR, however, he attracted rather unpleasant attention, because after a concert at the Reichsbahn in West Berlin in May 1968 he did not return to the GDR, but stayed in the West. He appeared at the Waldeck Festival in 1968, played in the musicals 'Hair' and 'Jesus Christ Superstar', founded a band and took part in the German preliminary round for the Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la Chanson in 1970. In 1985 he moved to the USA and played in movies and television series. Since 2002 Schöne lives again in Berlin, does cinema and television and has a new band. In his book 'Let The Sunshine In' (2004) he recorded episodes of his life from Berlin (East) via Berlin (West) and Munich to Los Angeles and back to Berlin.


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