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Los Gibson Boys

One of Mexico’s major rock and roll bands was Los Gibson Boys, named after the Gibson guitar brand and formed in mid-1959 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Their lead vocal- ist was Manolo Muñoz, who later went solo and became one of Mexico’s most prolific entertainers. His version of Pat Boone’s Speedy Gonzales was his biggest seller in 1962. Los Gibson Boys signed a recording contract with Mexico’s major label Discos Musart in early 1960. The result was a chain of successful singles and five LP albums between 1960 and 1969. Discos Musart, along with their subsidiary Orféon, was not only known for their roster of Mexican acts; they also licensed music from various other Latin American la- bels and countries. 

Their records were mostly pressed in Mexico, Los Angeles, and Hialeah, Florida. Several of Los Gibson Boys’ recordings were instrumentals. After Muñoz had left the band, various changes in its lineup followed until the band disappeared in the early 1970s. We have included their first single from late 1959 containing Span- ish-sung versions of Good Rockin’ Tonight, clearly influenced by Elvis Presley’s version on Sun Records, and Be-Bop-A- Lula, originally by Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps on Capi- tol, followed by one of Los Gibson Boys’ best early sixties instrumentals, El Vampiro...

Marc Mittelacher in August 2020

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