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Fiede Kay

"He raised his voice - and it was folk song." (Knut Kiesewetter)

"The singer with the many nicknames - 'singender Kröger', 'Barde von Bredstedt' or 'Norddeutscher Volkssänger' - always sat a little between the stools," says the obituary of the 'Folk News' on Fiede Kay, who died in September 2005. With Knut Kiesewetter the bricklayer, born 1941 in North Frisia, contributed since the beginning of the 70's to the fact that singing in Plattdeutsch became again 'in'. He was a sought-after artist for the North German folk music broadcasts, which many in the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Folk Schleswig-Holstein "drive their hair to the mountains".

Kay's career began with the translation of American, Scottish and Irish songs into Low German. Drees, de Wunnerdraken is almost as well known in Northern Germany as the original Puff, The Magic Dragon. In addition, he has not only made traditional Low German songs popular again, but has also introduced texts by Theodor Storm or Carl Michael Bellman to a wider audience. For the album 'Sing man to', from which the two songs represented here are taken, the troika of the North German dialect met in 1974. Fiede Kay, Knut Kiesewetter and Hannes Wader composed nine new Low German songs and rearranged three classics. Knut Kiesewetter has produced 15 of his albums alone and many singles by Fiede Kay: "Fiede Kay was for me the most true folk singer in Germany. Nothing was artificial about him. [...] The vast majority of the songs he sang on sound carriers I wrote for him, and I always tried to write the pieces on his body. [...] No one was as close to home as he was. Breklum and Bredstedt, 4 km apart, he never left."

Since the beginning of the 70s Fiede Kay had his own pub in Bredstedt, 'Fiedes Krog', where he not only performed himself, but also offered a stage to other artists from Germany, Great Britain, Ireland or the USA. His last album 'Rauhe Schale, weicher Kern' is not finished anymore. Membran International has released a box set with four CDs under the title 'His most famous songs - Fiede Kay sings Hermann Löns, Knut Kiesewetter, Carl Michael Bellmann and folk songs'.


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