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Gabriele * June 11, 1947 When little Gabriele (Clonisch) gets the chance to sing with Louis Armstrong in the German-English duet "Uncle Satchmo's Lullaby" in 1959, there are already several recordings on the market with her: with "Hirten-Blues", the cheerful "Vielleicht in 3, 4, 5, 6 Jahren" and with the song about "Schokoladeneis", which is also tailored to her age, the girl had already jumped in the hit parade.

Polydor (in this case represented by her producer Gerhard Mendelson) has thus succeeded in raising a new child star at least for a short time, following the example of Cornelia Froboess, who has since grown up into a teenager.

Cute and cheeky Gabriele from southern Bavaria is becoming the nation's favourite, goes on tour with Max Greger and plays in pop movies. Then she trains figure skating and appears - but now only with moderate success - at the end of 1961 as Gabriela, in 1963 as Susi Ball again on records. Later Gabriele Clonisch studied languages, got married and withdrew from the public.


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