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and his buddy Wade Moore wrote Ooby Doobyon the flat roof of the frat house at North Texas State University. Ooby Dooby  is Penner’s claim to fame in rock ‘n’ roll circles--and a tidy little earner it must have been through the years, especially after Creedence Clearwater Revival cut it. Penner was from Chicago. He was born there in November 1936, and grew up in Dallas. Elvis’s appearance at the ‘Big ‘D’ Jamboree’ encouraged him and Moore to try their hand at rocking and rolling. After Ooby Doobywas a hit for a fellow Texas undergraduate, Roy Orbison, Sam Phillips invited the duo to Memphis. One joint single resulted, followed by one solo single for Penner. Move Baby, Movewas an abandoned cut from late ‘56 or early ‘57. It features Don Gilliland on guitar; the others are unknown. Penner stayed in school, and was last seen as a professor of English at the University of Tennessee. 

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