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Chet McIntyre

Entering the ACA Studio after Dugosh departed was the multi-talented CHET McINTYRE. A classically-trained pianist with an ear towards modern jazz and pop music, McIntyre had worked with Adolph Hofner's band (as both pianist and drummer) in the 1940s. At the time of his Sarg session, he was fronting a pop-jazz quartet at the swank Ace of Clubs in San Antonio. Chet's pop leanings are exemplified with I'm Gonna Rock With My Baby Tonight, a lightweight but fun novelty. The tune may have had some commercial potential in 1956, but was way out of date by the time Fitch released it four years later. McIntyre went on to record for numerous labels, working his way across the country and back many times, and was a featured attraction at the Dunes in Las Vegas off and on for many years.

He eventually settled in Washington State, and remains an active musician in the Seattle area. PECK TOUCHTON was a Louisiana native (born 1929) who'd moved to Houston in the late 1940s to pursue a career in country music. He'd racked up sides for Freedom, Green Star, and Starday before joining Sarg's roster in 1956. Though Peck was hardly a rockabilly singer, one would be hard-pressed to find a purer example of the style than his My Baby Ain't Around. Recorded at ACA on July 10, 1956 (his second Sarg session), My Baby Ain't Around showcases Touchton's exceptional vocal range and some sharp fretwork from guitarist George Champion. Peck managed to obtain bookings on both the 'Louisiana Hayride' and the 'Big 'D' Jamboree' on the strength of his Sarg records, but sales were otherwise discouraging and by 1957 he'd lost interest. Unfortunately, he only recorded once more, for the local Caprus label in 1977.

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