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Georg Kreisler

"I find my Judaism an enrichment. You learn to deal with an uncertain future. One learns from one's own destiny that man is weak, and thus one becomes energetic, even defiant as far as fellow men are concerned, and humble in relation to almost everything else." (Georg Kreisler)

The theatre critic and writer Hans Weigel wrote in 1962 in the accompanying text to Georg Kreisler's first album (among others: Vergiften mit Tauben, Zwei alte Tanten, Das Triangel, Der Musikkritiker) that Kreisler was a waste because, unlike others, he was not, at best, significant in one area: "With his ten fingers and two vocal chords, he (at the same time!) had a great deal of influence on the music of his audience.), which he flattered his cerebrum and cerebellum with novel combinations of the generally known and much-used twenty-six letters and twelve tones. He is a poet composer chansonnier pianist, as there has been, is, or will be no second of this kind, so he is certainly also the best there is in his kind." Born in Vienna in 1922, Kreisler first learned piano and violin, fled to the USA with his parents in 1938, became an unsuccessful entertainer there, and returned to Vienna in 1955 as a "stranger". Here he finally rediscovers the old words of his mother tongue, does cabaret in Vienna and moves out of the capital again. First to Munich, then to Berlin, finally to Basel. In 2004, the songwriter, who is not a songwriter, was awarded the Richard Schoenfeld Prize for Literary Satire. In the laudatory speech, Hans-Jürgen Fink, cultural director of the 'Hamburger Abendblatt', spoke about the 1000 or so texts that Georg Kreisler had written in the course of his life: "Songs, a whole series of which would undoubtedly have to belong to the better part of a canon of German-language poetry, would not always be contemporaries who believed they could not expect other people to read these texts. But criticism is always the most necessary, the one who at least tolerates it." And: "It should be noted that nothing less than the French Revolution is kept in the drawer in which it is put".



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