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Press Archive - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.29 - AllMusic
The 29th installment of Bear Family's long-running rockabilly series That'll Flat Git It! shines a spotlight on Crest Records, a Hollywood-based imprint that opened its doors in 1954 and shuttered in 1963. Its lifespan ran the length of the big boom of rockabilly, but that didn't mean that Crest wound up scoring any big hits, but they did claim early recordings by Eddie Cochran and Glen Campbell. Cochran made his solo debut with "Skinny Jim," the best-known side here by a country mile, while Campbell plays lead guitar on "Rockin' and a Rollin'," a bit of a lark sung by his uncle Dick Bills.


Press Archive - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.28 - Vive Le Rock
Of course, what you didn't get previously was the superb sound quality and extensive sleeve notes you get with Bear Family. There's some absolutely seminal e rocking included here, with stand-outs including Tom Tall and the Tom g Cat's 'Stack A Records' and a young Eddie 'Summertime Blues' Cochran cutting loose with 'Skinny Jim'. What you also get for your hard-earned money is 32 stomping tracks with a 36-page booklet to fill you in on who's who. 60 years on and the vaults keep delivering. Simon Nott


Press Archive - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.28 - Vintage Rock
Rock'n'roll was pioneered for the most part by independent labels, and Warner-Reprise was a major. However, it got its slice of the pie by buying rocking tracks from indies, and using its marketing power to produce hits.


Press Archive - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.28 - Vive Le Rock
It's 25 years since the first of this series and seven years since number 27. That's quite an achievement, considering rockabilly lasted the blink of an eye in the bigger musical scheme of things. This one is slightly different and could auger the continuation of the series, veering into what happened next.


Presse - Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol.28 - Jukebox
Le pionnier Charlie Gracie est également présent avec « Cool Baby » tiré de la B.O. du film Jamboree. Les obscurités sont sou-vent savoureuses comme « Shimmy Shake » par Billy Land, parfait exemple de rock teenager, « The Monster Twist » par Tyrone A Saurus & His Cro-Magnons (!), « I Wanna Rock » (Johnny Sardo), « Monster Movie Bail » (Spike Jones) et » Drum Twist » par le bat-teur de studio virtuose Buddy Harman. La sélection des titres est parfaite et plonge dans la Californie du début des années 60. Quant au livret, rédigé par Bill Dahl. il four-mille d'anecdotes sur cette période charnière. Tony MARLOW