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Press Archives - Battleground Korea - Songs and Sounds of America’s Forgotten War - Mojo
The 'Songs And Sounds Of America's Forgotten War' on 4-CDs plus book. Following 2010's Next Stop Is Vietnam, compiler Hugo Keesing turns his forensic attention to documenting the often-overlooked Korean conflict that started in June 1950 and ended three years later.


Press Archiv - Glen Glenn Pick 'Em Up And Lay 'Em Down - Vintage Rock


Press Archiv - Fats Domino - Teenageparty with Mr. Domino - Vintage Rock
FATS DOMINO TEENAGE PARTY WITH MR DOMINO BEAR FAMILY VINYL CLUB 00000 Bear Family Vinyl Club once again unearths the most obscure pressings imaginable with this 1962, Dutch, 10" The compilers didn't limit themselves to then-recent material from his vast Imperial Records catalogue: Please Don't Leave Me was a smash for Domino nearly a decade earlier and I'm Walkin' shot up the charts like a rocket in 1957. Some of Fats' lesser-known boppers are here too, including What A Party, My Real Name and Rockin' Bicycle. Only 1,000 copies pressed.


Press Archiv - Fats Domino - Teenageparty with Mr. Domino - Ugly Things
FATS DOMINO–Teenage Party with Mr Domino (Bear Family) 10" The Ballads of Fats Domino (Bear Family) CD The 10" LP Teenage Party with Mr Domino is a reissue of a 1963 Netherlands release freshly pressed onto gold vinyl. A well-chosen blend of early rock ditties circa 1953-1962, it is entertaining and concise. Some million sellers are here: The stomp-ing "I'm Walkin'," the teen appeal working man's lament "Blue Monday," the countryish tribute to a varmint "Bo Weevil," and the plead-ing R&B of"Please Don't Leave Me." However, this 10-song disc mainly works because of the less famous ]racks, Domino's 1962 allusion to „idninY Jones's "Handy Man," "MY Real Name," is a happy boast. The lost love song "It Keeps rifling," features a trilling guitar Hre and trumpets instead of s.. sound is further updated on the lawful "Rockin' Bicycle" where '",kne not only smartly double-Ceics his vocal on the chorus but . down some nasty piano bogie the middle.


Press Archive - Buddy Holly Countrywise - Vintage Rock
BUDDY HOLLY COUNTRYWISE BEAR FAMILY VINYL CLUB 0000 Before he achieved stardom, Buddy Holly was a struggling country artist in Lubbock, Texas, singing duets with his pal Bob Montgomery. They taped some of their fledgling efforts in 1954-55; those recordings ended up in the hands of Holly's subsequent producer Norman Petty, who overdubbed the Fireballs on them after Holly's death and released them on Coral Records. A rare compilation of those tracks was issued as Countrywise in 1965, and an immaculately realised repressing is one of the latest offerings from Bear Family Vinyl Club.