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Presse Archiv - Carl Perkins - The Classic Carl Perkins (5-CD) - Philadelphia Inquirer

A revelation: If all you know about Carl Perkins is "Blue Suede Shoes," "Honey Don't" and maybe the great "Dixie Fried," you may have Perkins pegged as a limited artist, the least interesting of the first generation of Sun Records rockers.

Right at the outset of the liner notes to Bear Family's five-CD boxed set The Classic Carl Perkins, writer Colin Escott sets one long-standing myth straight: Carl Perkins would not have become as successful as Elvis Presley, he says, even if his career had not been inter-rupted by an auto accident just as Perkins began to take off.


Presse Archiv - Carl Perkins - The Classic Carl Perkins (5-CD) - Hank Davis

Although he really enjoyed only one major hit record, and that a distant S4 years ago, Carl Perkins is a seminal figure in the evolution of rock & roll. It is easy and misleading to reduce Perkins, the originator of Blue Suede Shoes, to a footnote in R&R history. However, unlike most proverbial "one hit wonders", Carl Perkins has recorded literally hundreds of different titles (there are over 100 on this 5 CD collection, and it stops 26 years ago!)


Presse Archiv - Carl Perkins - The Classic Carl Perkins (5-CD) - ARSC

Dear Mr. Weize:
On behalf of the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, I am pleased to officially notify you that your publication, the notes to "The Classic Carl Perkins" by Colin Escott, has been selected as the winner of the 1991 ARSC Award for Excellence in the field of Rock, Rhythm and Blues or Soul.


Press Archive - Carl Perkins - Carl Rocks - Now Dig This
Single volume career overviews from a variety of labels are usually a rare commodity. Fortunately, Bear Family have no qualms about this and have issued this superb Carl Perkins set in their 'Rocks' series, compiled by the NDT editor. The Rockin' Guitar Man recorded for many companies during ms illustrious career. Sun Records of Memphis may be for many the only label to look at for Perkins, but he laid down good material throughout his life.


Press Archive - Carl Perkins - The Sun Era Outtakes - Now Dig This
I still get goosebumps recalling how exciting it was when Charly issued their 3xLP Carl Perkins
box-set, 'The Sun Years' (SUN BOX 101), back n 1982. A handful of The Rockin' Guitar Man's
unissued-at-the-time Sun recordings had sneaked out prior to that ('Her Love Rubbed Off', 'You
Can Do No Wrong', 'Put Your Cat Clothes On' etc.), but this was the first comprehensive
collection of his career-defining sides ever assembled. And boy was it good! For the very first time
we got to hear alternative takes of gems such as 'Honey Don't', 'Boppin' The Blues', 'Matchbox'
and, of course, 'Blue Suede Shoes' - with its unfamiliar "Go, BOY, Go!" refrain! The Charly set
was later repackaged as a 3xCD set with the addition of some home-recorded demos (CD SUN
BOX 2).


Press Archive - Carl Perkins - The Sun Era Outtakes - Country Music People
When Carl Perkins auditioned for Sun he took with him a drummer, WS Holland, who until two days before had not so much as thought of picking up a drumstick; he'd never even seen a drum kit set up and subsequently arranged his borrowed kit the wrong way round. That was the extent to which the hayseed rockabillies of the 1950s made things up as they went along.


Press Archive - Carl Perkins - The Sun Era Outtakes - Jukebox Magazine
Carl Perkins (1932-1998) de Jackson, Mississippi, est incontestablement l'un des rois du rock'n'roll, du rockabilly, du hill-billy bop, etc. Il démarre sa carrière à Memphis grâce au label Sun de Sam P,hillips. Ayant été accepté après audition, le Perkins Brothers Band - Carl Perkins (chant, guitare), James Buck Perkins (guitare ryth-mique), Lloyd Clayton Perkins (basse), WS Holland (batterie) - effectue une première séance fin octobre ou début novembre 1954. Pendant la durée du contrat avec Sun, 21 chansons sont publiées, réparties sur un album et huit 45 tours.