Skiffle Music
An emotive word for anyone living in Britain in the ‘50s for it brings with it images of home-made instruments, church halls and home-grown heroes like Lonnie Donegan, Ken Colyer, The Vipers, Chas McDevitt, Johnny Duncan and many others. Ken Colyer pioneered the term in England by describing a small ensemble within his jazz band as a 'Skiffle Group', but it was Donegan's Rock Island Line, a surprise hit in 1955 that really started it all.
Western Music on Bear Family Records
The original High Noon is among our albums here. There had been plenty of songs in the B-Westerns of the 1930s and ‘40s, but it wasn’t until the marriage of song with story in 'High Noon' that Western film and TV theme songs became a strong feature of our popular culture.
Exotica Heroes and Easy Listening Troubadours

The 'Velvet Lounge' is a remarkable re-release series for all things elegant, entertaining, and sometimes even exotic. This addition presents itself as a comfortable and welcoming home for terrific treasures from the fabulous Fifties and the strange Sixties. A mark of quality for all kinds of audio-finds from long ago and far away.