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Jeff Woolsey And The Dancehall Kings


 Traditional US Country Band from Magnolia, Texas


Genre: Honkytonk = Real Country music!
Band Members:
Jeff Woolsey -Lead Vocals
Paul Bennett -Fiddle
Jody Cameron -Steel Guitar Chuck Crow-Piano
Dixie Hankins -Drums
Eddie Moore -Bass




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Jeff Woolsey: My Last Night In Town (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSO10602

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(2013/ShuffleOne) 14 tracks (36:44) Traditional Country Dancehall Music - Highlight!***** - Jeff Woolsey was raised on traditional country music in the honkytonks, on the North side of Houston, Texas.  He spent many Saturday nights listening to his step-dad’s...

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Jeff Woolsey: The Real Me (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSO13202

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(2016/ShuffleOne) 14 tracks (41:22) newest album of dancefloor smashes and drinkin' songs to save a bad day - Highlight!***** (Bear Family Records)

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Jeff Woolsey: Jeff Woolsey And The Dancehall Kings - Double Live (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJW27274

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(2017/ShuffleOne) 28 tracks (44 songs incl. medleys) (151:00 Minutes)  - Fabulous 2-CD live set of dancefloor smashes 'bout dancin' + love + drinkin' and some 'bout drinkin' + dancin' + love - Highlight!***** (Bear Family Records)

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