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Hank Williams The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.)

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catalog number: CD536077

weight in Kg 1,350

$290.22 *

Hank Williams: The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.)

Nice price as slightly damaged package! 10 CD Box Set contains over 225 recordings including 53 previously unissued. Limited Quantity Set to hit stores the month of 75th Anniversary of Hank Williams Birth 'The Complete Hank Williams' 10 CD box set, produced in cooperation with Colin Escott and the Country Music Foundation, contains over 225 tracks including 53 previously unissued. The set will be released on September 22, initially as 10,000 numbered units, to coincide with the September 17, 1998, 75th anniversary of Williams' birth. It will include all of the MGM and Sterling Records session recordings and more than 130 non-session and radio/television recordings. This very special collection will include the legend's earliest session recordings from late 1946 until his last in September 1952, as well as previously unissued performances, and 14 never before released songs. A few of the very special tracks included on this project are duet of 'I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You' with Anita Carter, a demo version of 'Kaw-Liga' (with two false starts) and a recording of Williams' debut performance of 'Lovesick Blues' on the Grand Ole Opry. Some demos which have only been released overdubbed prior to this box set are, 'Rockin' Chair Money', 'Cool Water', 'Tennessee Border', 'First Year Blues', and 'Dixie Cannonball'. The unissued recordings include: 'I'm So Tired Of It All', 'You Caused It All By Telling Lies', Ten Little Numbers', and 'Wild Side Of Life'. The package will also contain two booklets of 150+ pages with over 120 formerly unpublished and rare photos, Williams' handwritten lyrics, original ads, posters, charts, LP covers, photos of artifacts and original folk art. Also included is an essay by Daniel Cooper and comprehensive notes on the music by Williams aficionado Colin Escott.


Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 1
1: Calling You  
2: Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door)  
3: Wealth Won't Save Your Soul  
4: When Good Comes And Gathers His Jewels  
5: I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)  
6: My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate)  
7: Honky Tonkin'  
8: Pan American  
9: Move It On Over  
10: I Saw The Light  
11: (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep  
12: Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)  
13: Fly Trouble  
14: I'm Satisfied With You  
15: On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain  
16: Rootie Tootie  
17: I Can't Get You Off My Mind  
18: I'm A Long Gone Daddy  
19: Honky Tonkin'  
20: My Sweet Love Ain't Around  
21: The Blues Come Around  
22: A Mansion On The Hill  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 2
1: I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die  
2: There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight  
3: Lovesick Blues  
4: Lost On The River (& AUDREY WILLIAMS)  
5: I Heard My Mother ... (& AUDREY WILLIAMS)  
6: Lost Highway  
7: May You Never Be Alone  
8: Dear Brother (& AUDREY WILLIAMS)  
9: Jesus Remembered Me (& AUDREY WILLIAMS)  
10: Honky Tonk Blues  
11: Mind Your Own Business  
12: You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)  
13: My Son Calls Another Man Daddy  
14: Wedding Bells  
15: I've Just Told Mama Goodbye  
16: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry  
17: A House Without Love  
18: I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'  
19: My Bucket's Got...(alt.take, prev.unissued)  
20: My Bucket's Got A Hole In It  
21: Long Gone Lonesome Blues  
22: Why Don't You Love Me  
23: Why Should I Try Anymore  
24: My Son Calls Another Man Daddy  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 3
1: Too Many Parties And Too...(LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
2: Beyond The Sunset (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
3: The Funeral (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
4: Everything's Okay  
5: They'll Never Take Her Love From Me  
6: Nobody's Lonesome For Me  
7: Moanin' The Blues  
8: Help Me Understand (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
9: No, No Joe (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
10: Cold, Cold Heart  
11: Dear John  
12: Just Waitin' (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
13: Men With Broken Hearts (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
14: I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love...)  
15: Howlin' At The Moon  
16: Hey, Good Lookin'  
17: My Heart Would Know  
18: The Pale Horse And His Rider (& A. WILLIAMS)  
19: A Home In Heaven (& AUDREY WILLIAMS)  
20: Ramblin Man (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
21: Pictures From Life's ... (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
22: I've Been Down That Road...(LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
23: I Dreamed About Mama ... (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 4
1: I'd Still Want You  
2: (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle  
3: Crazy Heart  
4: Half As Much  
5: I'd Still Want You  
6: Baby, We're Really In Love  
7: I'm Sorry For You, My Friend  
8: Honky Tonk Blues  
9: Let's Turn Back The Years  
10: Window Shopping  
11: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)  
12: Settin' The Woods On Fire  
13: I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive  
14: You Win Again  
15: I Won't Be Home No More  
16: Be Careful Of Stones ... (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
17: Please Make Up Your Mind (LUKE THE DRIFTER)  
18: I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You  
19: Your Cheatin' Heart  
20: Kaw-Liga  
21: Take These Chains From My Heart  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 5
1: Happy Rovin' Cowboy (prev. unissued/  
2: from when Hank was 17 or 18 years old)  
3: San Antonio Rose (prev. unissued/  
4: from when Hank was 18 years old)  
5: Freight Train Blues (prev. unissued/  
6: from when Hank was 18 years old)  
7: I'm Not Coming Home Any More  
8: (from when Hank was 19 years old)  
9: I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore(prev.unissued/  
10: from when Hank was 19 years old)  
11: Won't You Sometimes Think Of Me  
12: Why Should I Cry  
13: I Watched My Dream World Crumble Like Clay  
14: I Told A Lie To My Heart  
15: Mother Is Gone  
16: In My Dreams You Still Belong To Me  
17: We're Getting Closer To The...(prev.unissued)  
18: (I'm) Going Home (prev.unissued)  
19: Calling You (prev.unissued)  
20: Pan American  
21: Wealth Won't Save Your Soul  
22: Honky Tonk Blues  
23: A Home In Heaven (prev.unissued)  
24: You Broke Your Own Heart(& BAND)(prev.uniss.)  
25: I'm So Tired Of It All (prev.unissued)  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 6
1: You Caused It All By ... (prev.unissued)  
2: Faded Love And Winter Roses  
3: Please Don't Let Me Love You  
4: There's No Room In My Heart For The Blues  
5: I Wish I Had A Nickel  
6: The Waltz Of The Wind  
7: At The First Fall Of Snow  
8: Leave Me Alone With The Blues  
9: I'm Free At Last  
10: Blue Love (In My Heart)  
11: It Just Don't Matter Now  
12: Little Paper Boy  
13: Someday You'll Call My Name  
14: The Battle Of Armageddon  
15: No One Will Ever Know  
16: With Tears In My Eyes  
17: Thank God  
18: Rock My Cradle Once Again  
19: Don't Do It Darling (prev.unissued)  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 7
1: Rockin' Chair Money (undubbed prev.unissued)  
2: Cool Water (undubbed prev.unissued)  
3: Tennessee Border (undubbed prev.unissued)  
4: First Year Blues (undubbed prev.unissued)  
5: My Main Trial Is ... (undubbed prev.unissued)  
6: Wait For The Light...(undubbed prev.unissued)  
7: We Live In Two ... (undubbed prev.unissued)  
8: Roly Poly (undubbed prev.unissued)  
9: Swing Wide Your...(undubbed prev.unissued)  
10: Dixie Cannonball (undubbed prev.unissued)  
11: Sundown And Sorrow  
12: The Devil's Train  
13: The Old Home  
14: Alone And Forsaken  
15: Heaven Holds All My Treasures  
16: Lost On The River  
17: A House Of Gold  
18: Singing Waterfall  
19: Dear Brother (& KITTY WELLS & JOHNNIE WRIGHT)  
20: (prev.unissued)  
21: 'Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone  
22: Time Has Proven I Was Wrong(& C. WILLIAMS)  
23: (prev.unissued)  
24: No, Not Now (& CURLEY WILLIAMS)  
25: When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts  
26: Honey, Do You Love Me...(& CURLEY WILLIAMS)  
27: (prev.unissued)  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 8
1: California Zephyr  
2: Your Cheatin' Heart  
3: You Better Keep It On Your Mind  
4: How Can You Refuse Him Now  
5: Low Down Blues  
6: Ten Little Numbers (prev.unissued)  
7: Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine  
8: Last Night I Dreamed Of Heaven  
9: I Ain't Got Nothin' But Time  
10: Message To My Mother  
11: Fool About You  
12: I'm Going Home (prev.unissued)  
13: Jambalaya (On The Bayou)  
14: Ready To Go Home  
15: Kaw-Liga (prev.unissued)  
16: I Could Never Be Ashamed Of...(prev.unissued)  
17: Angel Of Death (undubbed prev.unissued)  
18: All The Love I Ever Had  
19: We're Getting Closer To The Grave Every Day  
20: The Log Train  
21: How To Write Folk And Western Music  
22: (spoken commercial)  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 9
1: There's A Tear In My Beer  
2: The Alabama Waltz  
3: Jesus Died For Me (& AUDREY WILLIAMS)  
4: (prev.unissued)  
5: A Teardrop On A Rose  
6: Jesus Is Calling (undubbed prev.unissued)  
7: Wearin' Out Your Walking Shoes  
8: When The Book Of Life Is Read  
9: There's Nothing As Sweet As My Baby  
10: Sing, Sing, Sing (undubbed prev.unissued)  
11: I Can't Escape From You  
12: Weary Blues Form Waitin'  
13: Are Your Walkin'...(undubbed prev.unissued)  
14: If You'll Be A Baby To Me  
15: 'Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone  
17: Lost Highway (prev.unissued)  
18: I'm A Long Gone Daddy (prev.unissued)  
19: Longe Gone Lonesome Blues (prev.unissued)  
21: Help Me Understand (prev.unissued)  
22: When God Dips His Lov In My Heart  
24: They'll Never Take Her...(prev.unissued)  
25: Are You Walkin' And Talkin For...(& BAND)  
26: (prev.unissued)  
27: Honky Tonkin' (prev.unissued)  
28: I Cried Again (prev.unissued)  
29: Wild Side Of Life (prev.unissued)  
30: Something Got A Hold Of Me(& AUDREY WILLIAMS)  
31: Drifting Too Far From The Shore(prev.unissue)  
Hank Williams - The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.) Medium 10
2: Lovesick Blues (prev.unissued)  
4: Move It Over (prev.unissued)  
6: You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)  
7: I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'  
8: Long Gone Lonesome Blues  
9: Why Don't You Love Me (prev.unissued)  
10: Talk With Minnie Pearl  
11: They'll Never Take Her Love From Me  
12: Talk With Minnie Pearl  
13: Moanin' The Blues  
14: Nobody's Lonesome For Me  
15: Dear John  
16: Hey, Good Lookin'  
17: Honky Tonk Blues (prev.unissued)  
18: Let The Spirit Descend (prev.unissued)  
19: Cold, Cold Heart (prev.unissued)  
20: Baby, We're Really In Love  
21: The Old Country Church(&LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS)  
23: A Tramp On The Street  
24: I'll Have A New Body (I'll Have A New Life)  
25: I Want To Live And Love  
26: Where The Sould Of Man Never Dies  
27: The Prodigal Son  
29: I Can't Help It (& A. CARTER) (prev.unissued)  
30: (spoken word)  
31: The Apology #2  


Artikeleigenschaften von Hank Williams: The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.)

  • Interpret: Hank Williams

  • Albumtitel: The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.)

  • Format CD
  • Genre Country

  • Music Genre Country Music
  • Music Style Hillbilly / Boogie / Honky Tonk
  • Music Sub-Genre 014 Hillbilly/Boogie/Honky Tonk
  • Title The Complete Hank Williams (10-CD Box, Ltd.)
  • Release date 1998
  • Label POLYGRAM

  • SubGenre Country - Traditional Country

  • EAN: 0731453607729

  • weight in Kg 1.350

Artist description "Williams, Hank"

Hank Williams was to me the first rock 'n' roll singer.
Don Everly

When Hank Williams's first M-G-M record hit radio stations and Southern juke joints in June 1947, country music was poised for a seismic shift. Western swing and cowboy crooners were waning in popularity, as were the mournful wails of Roy Acuff and trumpet-driven jukebox novelties. Eddy Arnold and Red Foley ruled the charts with finely honed records that sounded more uptown than down-home. Beyond a few select artists with established regional appeal, the major labels mostly ignored Southeastern vocalists who sounded too 'hillbilly,' leaving this market to aggressive independent labels. When King Records in Cincinnati began racking impressive sales figures with raw, unabashedly rural music, the majors took notice but stayed the course.

Williams's Move It On Over was not Ernest Tubb's, Floyd Tillman's or Moon Mullican's Texas honky tonk. It was something fresh and exciting, fusing passionate Acuffian phrasing with a high-volume backbeat straight out of late '30s Chicago race records. It rocked like crazy and formally introduced Hank Williams as a significant voice in country music.

Williams's early years and influences have been thoroughly documented elsewhere. New York writer Roger Williams (no relation) wrote the first significant biography in 1970 ('Sing A Sad Song: A Life Of Hank Williams'; Doubleday). The next fifteen years brought other full-length bios by Jay Caress, Chet Flippo, and George William Koon, among others. Dr. Charles K. Wolfe and Bob Pinson also contributed to our understanding of Williams's life, music, career and recordings. These studies have been largely supplanted by Colin Escott's 'Hank Williams: A Biography' (Little, Brown & Co., 1994) and his notes to Mercury Records' comprehensive 1998 compact disc anthology 'The Complete Hank Williams.'

Hiram 'Hank' Williams was born September 17, 1923 in Mount Olive Community, Alabama, the second child born to Elonzo Huble Williams (1891-1970) and Jessie Lillie Belle Skipper (1898-1955). Lon Williams, a native of Lowndes County, Alabama, was a locomotive driver for a logging company when he met Lillie Skipper. The couple struggled financially after their November 1916 marriage, often relying on help from Lillie's family and meager income from a small general store in their house. Lon Williams was drafted into the army in July 1918, spending part of the next eleven months in France. During his military service he suffered a serious head injury in either a drunken brawl over a woman or a fall from a truck. Although he apparently recovered, the injury caused irreparable neurological damage that later resurfaced.

Returning from the war, Lon Williams worked sporadically at the lumberyards, while Lillie took jobs as a nurse, a cannery worker and seamstress. Their first child, Irene, was born in August 1922, followed by Hank a year later.

Life was hard, but the family got by. On Sundays Lillie sang and played organ at the Mount Olive West Baptist Church. In one of his rare print interviews, Hank recalled those days to San Francisco journalist Ralph J. Gleason. "My earliest memory is sittin' on that organ stool and hollerin'," he said. "I must have been five, six years old, and louder 'n anybody else."

His parents noticed their son had a swollen spot on his spine, a birth defect later diagnosed as Spina Bifida Occulta. If not corrected by surgery, the spinal cord could herniate outward from the spine. Hank's condition went untreated. As he aged, the ailment progressed, leaving him susceptible to back injuries and debilitating pain.

Soon after the 1929 stock market crash, Lon became impaired by a brain aneurysm likely triggered by his earlier head injury. Temporarily unable to speak and his face paralyzed, he was admitted to a Veterans Administration hospital in Biloxi that November. He never lived with his family again.

from booklet BCD16636 - Hank Williams Rockin'Chair Money - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
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