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WHITE LINES: For Vinyl - CD Fans Only (10'LP & CD)
Art-Nr.: RM10001

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(2010/REBEL) 10 tracks (vinyl) plus CD (12 tracks)

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WHITE LINES: Rock & Roll Will Never Stop
Art-Nr.: LPLR12006

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(2013/LOUISIANA) 16 tracks, limited (110), numbered 180g Vinyl presssing.

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WHITE LINES: Rockabilly Fever (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRM5002

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(2003/REBEL MUSIC) 12 tracks

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The White Lines: Real To Reel (LP, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPOT70603

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(Laura) 13 tracks, recorded on a vintage 'TEAC - 4 track' recording machine. Strictly limited to 250 copies!

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The White Lines: Ready To Rock (LP)
Art-Nr.: RM12002

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(2002/Rebel Music) 14 tracks

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The White Lines: Real To Reel (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDOT70603

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(Housemaster Records) 13 Tracks - Recorded on a vintage 'TEAC - 4 track' recording machine! The White Lines hail from Germany's North-East territory and rock the scene since 30 years and something!

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WHITE LINES: Ready To Rock
Art-Nr.: CDRM5001

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(2002/REBEL MUSIC) 16 tracks - papersleeve

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The White Lines: Rockabilly Memories (LP, 180g Vinyl, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPLR120041

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​(Rebel Music) 15 tracks - Limited numbered edition - 109 copies were pressed

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WHITE LINES: Rockabilly Memories
Art-Nr.: CDRM5003

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(2008/REBEL) 15 tracks 2007/2008

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The White Lines: Rockabilly Fever (180g Vinyl, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPLR120031

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(Louisiana Records) 12 tracks - Limited and numbered edition - only 110 copies available

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