Singles / 45rpm

Singles / 45rpm - Welcome to the Bear Family 45rpm single vaults, a huge vinyl program where you can find at least almost everything ever pressed on a tiny little cute 45! Similar to our LP program you'll find originals as well as reproductions (repros) and reissues incl. rare stuff!
Along with the regular so-called two-siders you'll find EPs (Extended Plays) containing minimum 3 songs up to 6 songs but still in the 45rpm 7inch size. Every item in our catalogue is marked with such informations as well as if the item got a picture sleeve and a regular or a small-center (important info for jukebox players).
Get your own 45s in the genres Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Doo-Wop, Country, Soul, Blues and R&B, Folk, Calypso, Jazz, and tons more! It's great to see an original 45 and its label moving on your turntable while listening to the old stuff!