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Greetings From ... CD-Album-Series by Bear Family

This series featuring the various regions of the United States is launched with the spotlight on the nation’s foremost areas for country music, Tennessee and Texas. Each cd contains a generous 25 tracks with the compilations combining the familiar with the lesser known, both artist and songwise.

With the name of the state in each song title, the Tennessee collection comes up with some all time favourites – like Jimmy Martin’s Tennessee, Pee Wee King’s Tennessee Waltz (naturally) and Eddy Arnold’s Tennessee Stud, with the lesser knows … Tears, … Blues, … Boogie, … Jive and … Rock ‘n’ Roll (among others) perhaps providing a first airing for some listeners. Likewise, with the Texas collection: Ernest Tubb’s Waltz Across Texas, Roy RogersYellow Rose Of Texas and Bob Wills/Leon Rausch’s Deep In The Heart Of Texas certainly don’t need any introductions while Love You As Big As Texas, Texas Silver Zephyr, Two Texas Boys and A Texas Honky Tonk may be new found delights to many listeners.

The assortment of artists (not always a citizen of the State they’re proclaiming the virtues of) similarly range from the very famous to the relatively obscure. Ernest Tubb, Tex Ritter, Rex Allen, Willie Nelson, Hank Snow, Pee Wee King, Hank Williams, Bobby Bare and Johnny Cash are among the music’s foremost contributors while Jimmie Logsdon, Zeb Turner, Jimmie Dolan, Gene O’Quin and Ole Rasmussen would probably be only known to the more specialist record buyers (and several of them not known at all if it weren’t for Bear Family releases!).  There’s a couple of curiosities in the Texas collection: Say Pardner by Cowboys And Indians (an outfit no one seems to know anything about, apart from the fact this record was played on AFN in an age long ago) and  the non-country sounding group The Offenders (Can’t Get The Hell Out Of Texas) which actually comprised Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush, Jimmy Day and David Zettner.

These very entertaining, highly listenable CDs are accompanied by full colour booklets in which Hank Davis throws a non-too scholarly look at the history of the respective state and the music, along with a photo gallery of all the artists (apart from the enigmatic Cowboys & Indians. Any clues, anyone?).

Greetings From ... CD-Album-Series by Bear Family  

Music about the US Staates re-released on CDs by Bear Family

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