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The Terrorsaurs

Instro-Schlock from the swamp! Raw Primal Surf Beats & Savage Guitar Driven Schlock 'n' Roll! The Terrorsaurs is a UK based instrumental Rock N Roll band. Their first record Schlock Singles" was released on Wild in 2014 followed by "Atomic Lizard Party" in Feb 2015. In  May 2016 they hit The WILD studios CA to record their 3rd WILD album

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The Terrorsaurs: Terrorsaurs And Friends - Atomic Lizard Party
Art-Nr.: CD1520001

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(2015/Wild) 12 tracks, fantastic Surf Rock and Roll album by the Terrorsaurs and their aliases! Great stuff!

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The Terrorsaurs: Schlock Singles
Art-Nr.: CD1420001

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(2014/Wild) 12 tracks - Papersleeve

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The Terrorsaurs: One Night Only (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD245066

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(2016/Wild) 12 tracks, their new fantastic Garage Surf album! Rocks the meat off your bones!

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