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This Broken Heart

Since The Kodoks, whose former tenor William Franklin and baritone Larry Davis subsequently became two-fifths of The Sonics, hailed from Newark, New Jersey (their Oh Gee, Oh Gosh came out on Bobby Robinson's Fury label in 1958 and resides on our previous disc), it seems a relatively safe bet that The Sonics hailed from that same vicinity as well. 

A group by the same name had a 1958 single on the New York-based X-Tra imprint coupling Once In A Lifetime and It Ain't True; the assumption is that it was the same quintet. Franklin wrote the delectable ballad This Broken Heart, but it was tenor Donald Sheffield who ably fronted The Sonics on the engaging platter. Sheffield also led the flip side, You Made Me Cry, another Franklin composition. The number made enough East Coast noise on Art Gottfried's Harvard Records, another tiny New York imprint, that Chicago's Checker label picked it up in April of '59 for national consumption (Sheffield's featured billing went by the boards).

It was a one-time deal for the group, which bounced from one highly obscure label - Nocturne, Amco, Armonia - to the next during the early '60s without ever attracting the interest that This Broken Heart did. 

- Bill Dahl -

Various Street Corner Symphonies 1959 Vol.11

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The Sonics: The Sonics 50 (3-LP)
Art-Nr.: LPETI2050

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(2015/Light In The Attic/Etiquette) 34 tracks - Black Friday release, incl. reproductions of the two original LPs 'Here Are The Sonics' and 'Boom' from 1965 plus 'Volume Three' which contains non-LP singles sides and alternate versions! The set comes with a 36 page...

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The Sonics: The Sonics House Party (7inch,EP, 45rpm, PS)
Art-Nr.: NREP077

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(1999/Norton) 5-Track EP - Furiously cool primitve unissued '64 demos! The guys cut these blasts in a living room in hopes of scorin' gigs with the tape! Raw! Totally mind bogglin'!

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The Sonics: Boom (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPNW905

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(1998/Norton) 16 Tracks - Gatefold Cover - The ultimate garage kings ' second killer album blows neighborhood gourds just like it did in 1966! Norton delivers the entire original album plus 1972 live tracks of The Witch and Psycho plus acool crazed first sesh alt...

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The Sonics: The Savage Young Sonics
Art-Nr.: LPNW909

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LP on NORTHWEST RECORDS by SONICS - The Savage Young Sonics

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The Sonics: The Witch - Keep-A-Knockin' (7inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: 45NR811

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(1999/Norton) 2-Track Single - Original Etiquette Label Recordings! Pound the Northwest sound with these 60's Etiquette label skullbusters! All in boss red & black Etiquette trib sleeve! Killer garage rockers by the Sonics - scorcher!

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The Sonics: Psycho - Maintaining My Cool 7inch, 45rpm, PS, colored wax
Art-Nr.: 45S260

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Single (7 Inch) on SUNDAZED RECORDS by Sonics - Psycho - Maintaining My Cool 7inch, 45rpm, PS, colored wax

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The Sonics: Introducing The Sonics
Art-Nr.: CDSC6198

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Vorzeigecombo der Northwest Sechziger Jahre Garagebands mit unsterblichen Klassikern wie 'Psycho', 'The Witch' und 'You Got Your Head On Backwards'. Schöne erdige Gitarrensound Garage CD!

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The Sonics: Here Are The Sonics
Art-Nr.: CDCNW903

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CD on NORTON RECORDS by SONICS - Here Are The Sonics

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The Sonics: Busy Body ! Live In Tacoma 1964
Art-Nr.: LPNW913

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LP on NORTHWEST RECORDS by SONICS - Busy Body ! Live In Tacoma 1964

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The Sonics: Introducing...(180g)
Art-Nr.: LPBR114

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LP on SUNDAZED RECORDS by SONICS - Introducing...(180g)

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The Sonics: Here Are The Sonics!!! (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPNW903

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(1998/Norton) 16 Tracks - The utterly most fabulous debut album from the loudest crowd of punk rockers ever! Originally released in early '65, this hard-hitting screamfest took the local teen scene by the eardrums and never let go! An astonishing battle of the wills...

$21.16 *

The Sonics: The Savage Young Sonics
Art-Nr.: CDCNW909

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Long before they delivered the full blown crunch of 'The Witch and Psycho', the Sonics were cutting their teeth in Tacoma teen clubs! These crude 1961-64 were taped live at dances and at home, showing the influence of their primo idols the Wailers and includes the...

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The Sonics: Mudhoney (7inch, 45rpm, Ltd. Record Store Day)
Art-Nr.: 45RSD2014

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(2017/Muddy Roots Music) 2-Track Single, 45rpm, big center, Limited numbered Record Store Day edition of 300 copies only!

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No image available The Sonics: Boom
Art-Nr.: CDCNW905

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The Sonics: Cinderella b-w He's Waitin' 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: NR45815

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​Killer garage rockers by the Sonics - scorcher!

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The Sonics: Do You Love Me b-w Money 7inch, 45rpm, PS
Art-Nr.: 45NR175

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​Two pulverizing pounders from the deadly HERE ARE THE SONICS debut album now on 45!

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The Sonics: Minus One, Blast Off - Marlene (7inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: REP19030

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Killer guitar rockers! Ultra wild Rockabilly double sider! Not the same band who done Psycho!

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The Sonics: Boom - Papersleeve
Art-Nr.: CDHP023

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(2007/BIG BEAT) 12 tracks, their complete second album from 1965. 60s Garage music at its best!

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