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Sir Psyko & His Monsters: Reapers Tale
Art-Nr.: CDCL64307

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(2010/Crazy Love) 13 tracks - Austria's best Psychobilly band! Check this action! MM/Bear Family Records

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Sir Psyko & His Monsters: Till The End
Art-Nr.: CDCL64300

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(2011/Crazy Love) 13 tracks - Band hailes from Austria - only self-penned songs! Highly recommended MM/Bear Family Records

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Sir Psyko & His Monsters: Welcome To Our Hell! (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVDCL64333

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(2012/Crazy Love) Concert documentary from the 'Wild At Heart', Berlin, Germany, 2012 - 113 Min., PAL 16.9, color, Region Code 0

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Sir Psyko & His Monsters: Sir Psyko & His Monsters - Zombie Rock
Art-Nr.: CLLP64272

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(2008/Crazy Love) 13 tracks, one of Europe's top Psychobilly bands! Rockin' on vinyl! MM/Bear Family Records

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