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German language Chansons, Schlagers and Pop Music at Bear Family's - from Hans Albers, the Comedian Harmonists, Marlene Dietrich, Willy Schneider, Rudi Schuricke, Johannes Heesters and Lale Andersen, Bill Ramsey, Peter Alexander, Gitte, Manuela, Rex Gildo, Peter Kraus to Bernd Spier, Peter Orfloff und Gunter Gabriel: the entire history, from the beginnings during the 1920s into present days, from early Chansons, Schlagers to Pop Music.

Roy Black: Ganz in Weiß - Polydor (Emailleschild 25cm - 10inch)
Art-Nr.: SIGN520

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(Custom-made) High-quality enamel sign, 700 grams, 25cm diameter with two holes for wall mounting.

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