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German language Chansons, Schlagers and Pop Music at Bear Family's - from Hans Albers, the Comedian Harmonists, Marlene Dietrich, Willy Schneider, Rudi Schuricke, Johannes Heesters and Lale Andersen, Bill Ramsey, Peter Alexander, Gitte, Manuela, Rex Gildo, Peter Kraus to Bernd Spier, Peter Orfloff und Gunter Gabriel: the entire history, from the beginnings during the 1920s into present days, from early Chansons, Schlagers to Pop Music.

Die Teldec Story: Die Teldec Story - Wie eine Plattenfirma unser Leben veränderte
Art-Nr.: 00716988

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2018 - German/German Hardback/Gebunden - 284 pages - Voodoo Verlag When the German TELEFUNKEN-PLATTE founded a joint record company with the English DECCA in Hamburg in 1950, this was not only the first British-German company in post-war history. With the creation...

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Helmut Wenske & Chris Hyde: Black Eyes - Indonesier-Bands in Germany
Art-Nr.: 004298661

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Hardcover - 298 pages - Hirnkost - German In German language Almost forgotten today and hardly mentioned in any musical encyclopaedia in the early sixties before the English beat glut they were the absolute kings in the American bars and rock sheds of the garrison...

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Lothar Winkler: Meine Freunde, die Stars - Fotografien von Lothar Winkler
Art-Nr.: 007126910

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Gebundene Ausgabe - 416 Seiten - Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag GmbH - 1. Aufl. edition - 2006 - Deutsch Claudia Cardinale beim Schminken, Caterina Valente nach einem anstrengenden Auftritt beim Nickerchen im Auto oder Kirk Douglas mit Sohnemann beim...

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Randy Rich: Rock 'n' Roll Fieber - Wie ich mich damit infizierte und warum keine Heilung erwünscht ist
Art-Nr.: 0018049

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Gebundene Ausgabe - 368 Seiten - Gotham - 2006 "This book kept me up late into the night as I turned the pages, reliving every situation and every story as if I were there all over again, until I finished. Jerry Schilling's words brought tears to my eyes, making...

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Rüdiger Bloemeke & Heinz-Günther Hartig: London Label-Lexikon - London Records in Deutschland 1954-1974
Art-Nr.: BFB10029

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Rüdiger Bloemeke • Heinz-Günther Hartig • Ulrich Schlieck • Richard Weize - London Records in Deutschland 1954-1974 216 Seiten, 259 x 208 mm, gebunden / Leinen mit Schutzumschlag - German language Einleitung: Ein Label macht Geschichte 45 Künster-Biografien...

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KNEF, Hildegard: Nichts geht verloren (inkl.2-CD)
Art-Nr.: 0011018

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(2008/Edel) Deutsch/English, Hardback w.dustjacket, 29x29 cm, 103 Seiten (86 photos), 2-CD (27 tracks). One woman, three careers. The life of 'la Knef' was moving, enthralling and turbulent. She always gave all - whether as actress, singer or international...

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1000 Nadelstiche: 1000 Nadelstiche - Amerikaner & Briten singen deutsch (Buch)
Art-Nr.: BFB10025

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(2007/BEAR FAMILY) German/German, Hardcover with dust jacket, 21x 28.5 cm, 352 pages, illustrated throughout (color & b/w) - in German language The book '1000 Nadelstiche' is after several years of revision - in a new look and with several dozen (!) pages...

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Graphische Träume: 800 film posters of German and international productions
Art-Nr.: BFB10022

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DIN A4, 304 pages, 4-color, hardcover  800 film posters of German and international productions ......painters are true masters, and so in their way are movie poster designers. Graphic designers had to understand the public's taste, then make them go to see...

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