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Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash & Patrick Carr: Autobiographie PB
Art-Nr.: 0003090

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(Harper) Paperback, 1997, English, 13x19.5 cm, 16 pages b&w photos. The songs and music of Johnny Cash have moved audiences worldwide for over fifty years. In this fascinating autobiography the country music legend reveals the personal pain and turmoil that...

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Aretha Franklin: Matt Dobkin: Respect, And The Making Of A So
Art-Nr.: 0006022

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(2004/St.Martin) English, Hardback, 14x21.5 cm, 256 pages, b&w photos.

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Elvis Presley: Bobbie Ann Mason: Penguin Lives Series
Art-Nr.: 0016286

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English, Hardback/Gebunden, 13.5x20 cm, 172 pages; They bear testimony to the fact that biographical narratives can aspire to art rather than to history. - The New York Times Book Review These sharp little books... have a weight and intellectual heft of their own;...

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Heisse Tanzmusik in Deutschlan: Heisse Tanzmusik In Deutschlan - Rainer E. Lotz: Ein Fotoalbum
Art-Nr.: 0005017

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(1986/JAZZFREUND) Deutsch/English, Paperback, 21x15 cm, 134 Seiten/ pages;

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Eddy Arnold: Michael D. Freda: Discography 1944-1996
Art-Nr.: 0001015

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English, Clothbound/Leineneinband, 16x23.5, 346 pages

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Bobby Curtola: Born To Sing - Original Fancine 1994
Art-Nr.: 0003030

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8 pages/Seiten, 28 x 21.5 cm, tacked/geheftet: So, there is still a Bobby Curtola fan magazine in 1994, telling us that he is still going strong and available for booking. 2 pages are full of ads to pay for this, the rest is a collection of b&w photographs showing...

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Jack Howard: The Friend Of The Stars
Art-Nr.: 0019021

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35 pages/Seiten: Howard owns a music publishing company for country music, and this is some of the sheet music he publishes. Howard besitzt einen Musikverlag für Country Musik, und dies sind die Noten und Texte einiger Songs, die er vertreibt. Enthält s/w-Fotos.

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