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The Birth Of Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly 

At least when Bill Haley & His Comets came up with 'Rock Around The Clock' Rock and Roll had arrived. Haley became the first boss of Rock and took the worldwide music charts by storm in 1954. Completely destroyed concert halls and ballrooms was the result of a rebellious youth against the adult establishment in the 1950s. They didn't want to hear no more wartime stories nor watch Elvis on TV filmed only from the waist up – they wanted the whole Elvis Presley with all his wonderful sexual moves on stage and TV. Rock and Roll arrived and shook the world and shocked the elderlies. But what the hell is the difference? Adults had set the world on fire during WWII and how come that those same adults declared Elvis as sexually vulgar?!

Youth in the 1950s

The youth already had its own teen jive talk but the arrival of Elvis, Bill and Gene Vincent among others became all of a sudden their musical megaphone even that adults won't understand. How could they understand the meaning of 'A wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom' and 'Be bop a lula'?!

When black and white started coming together for a colorful world

The 1950s was a rebellious period. Disc jockey Alan Freed was the first to play records by black and white artists together in his radio shows and later in his famous live jamborees at the Paramount Theatre in New York City. The culture of music with heads like Freed was the first in place tearing down racial barriers! Since then classic Rock and Roll is a timeless music and we say it in the words of Danny & The Juniors' famous hit: 'Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay'!

The Rockin' Rollin' Family - Bear Family

We serve all classic Rock and Roll on CDs as an album, on vinyl records as longplayers (LP) or 7inches as 45rpm singles or Extended Plays, EPs at either 45 or 33rpm.

Various: Florida Box (8-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBE613441

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(2016/BE!) 243 tracks 136-page full-colour hardcover book with track-by-track information. Following The Texas Box and The Michigan Box comes The Florida Box – another fabulous collection of rare rockabilly, wild instrumentals and rockers, featuring hundreds of...

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Lesley Gore: It's My Party (5-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD15742

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5-CD-Album box (LP-size) with 32-page book, 148 tracks. Playing time approx. 374 mns. Classic early '60s pop! Here are all Lesley Gore's recordings for Mercury between 1963 and 1965, and they just about sum up an era. It's My Party, Judy's Turn To Cry, She's A...

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Various: Starday Custom Series #500 - 675 (10-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDBE629099

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(2017/BE! Sharp) 312 Tracks - Rockabilly, Country, Hillbilly and Gospel 1953 - 1957!  Although the Starday record company was not by any means the first label to dabble with customs presses, they are probably one of the most famous and sought after. What was...

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Ricky Nelson: The American Dream (6-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16196

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6-CD-Album boxed set (LP-format) with 176-page hardcover book, 181 tracks. Playing time approx. 400 mns. 'They call me a teenage idol...' Ricky Nelson sang in 1962. And of course he was the prototypical teenage idol. Already one of the most familiar faces on...

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Gene Vincent: The Gene Vincent Box Set - Complete Capitol & Columbia Recordings 1956-1964 (6-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDS794593

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(Capitol) 151 Capitol and Columbia masters plus 29 previously unreleased outtakes on picture CD's. Contains a 48 page booklet of rare photos from the Capitol archive. 14.x13x7 cm cube box - mint stock copiesl

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Roy Orbison: Authorized Bootleg Collection (4-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDOBOX3

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(Alchemy) 75 tracks! 1969-80 contains the following albums: Live From Batley Variety Club 1969, Live From Birmingham,AL 1980, Live From The Fiesta Club 1980 & Live From The Queen's Theatre 1975. Original stock copies of this (now deleted) Big O Highlight with...

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Jerry Lee Lewis: Jerry Lee Lewis At Sun Records The Collected Works (18-CD & 2 Books)
Art-Nr.: BCD17254

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18-CD boxed set (28 x 28 x 7 cms ) with 2 hardcover clothbound books (300 total pages) in a clothbound slipcase, 623 tracks, total playing time: approx. 23 hours and 30 minutes.  -- This is it! ...... No, really, THIS IS IT!  -- The story began at Sun...

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The Platters: Four Platters And One Lovely Dish (9-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD15741

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9-CD box (LP-size) with 52-page book, 254 tracks. Playing time approx. 648 mns. A long overdue set! The Platters sold more records, played more venues, and appeared in more films than any other vocal group of the time. They truly had the Magic Touch. By 1962, the...

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Rick Nelson: The Last Time Around (7-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16682

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7-CD boxed set, LP-size, with 144-page hardcover book. 134 tracks. Playing time 453:33 minutes. The final installment in Bear Family's documentation of Rick Nelson 's recording career includes all of his late career recordings from 1970-1982. Many fans insist that...

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Various: More Greatest of the 50's (8-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDDB902691

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(Disky/2005) 160 tracks  8 CD Box Set

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Johnny Burnette: Train Kept A-Rollin (9-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16438

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9-CD Box (LP-Format) mit 116-seitigem gebundenem Buch, 289 Einzeltitel, Spieldauer 638:35 Minuten. - Johnny Burnette was at the heart of rock 'n' roll music for almost ten years, and had a leading role in most of the changes that overtook the music from the...

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Eddie Cochran: The Eddie Cochran Box Set (4-MC)
Art-Nr.: TCECB1

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The Eddie Cochran Box Set (4-MC) Music-Cassettes - Size 32,5 x 32,5 cm A Complete History In Words And Music 1938 - 1966 Contains a 32 page booklet with full discography and many rare photos When rock 'n' roll exploded across America in 1956, there was an...

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Various: 100 Greatest Australian Singles Of the 60s (4-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDFEST601041

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(2015/Festival) 100 tracks - Tremendous 1960s compilation of Australian Rock 'n' Roll, Beat, Folk and Pop Music, including many unknowns and surprises! Everything on this 4-CD set was taken from the original mastertapes! An A+ release all the way! nf - Bear Family...

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Johnny Hallyday: Hallyday 1985-2005 (20-CD Book)
Art-Nr.: CDMERCBOX74065

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(2017/Mercury-France) 380 Tracks - Deluxe Longbox with 48 page photo book! Includes all of his studio albums from 1985-2005, incl. Singles and rarities and 40 bonus tracks, his most live recordings from this decades! A real classy set of one of France's greatest...

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The Searchers: 3 Originals (3-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDCLABX913

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(1992/Castle) Three original albums from 1963-65 reissued on three CDs! Still factory sealed!

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Roy Orbison: The Soul Of Rock And Roll (4-CD Longbox) Limited Edition
Art-Nr.: CD0815002

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(Sony-BMG) 107 tracks 1955-1988 (including rare demos & prev. unreleased recordings) Longbox with 94 page booklet. Limited Edition!

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Various: Go Cat Go!: The Essential Rockabilly Collection (4-CD)

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(2015/Salvo) 100 tracks. Digibook Hardcover. When rockabilly emerged from the American South in the mid-1950s it was a shot heard ‘round the world, born of a marriage of country & western and the proto-rock ‘n’roll of early r&b. Primitive and wild, and...

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Various: Greatest Hits Of The 50s (8-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDPB79108

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(2002/Disky) LP-sized box set - 160 original 1950s recordings!

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The Everly Brothers: Heartaches & Harmonies (4-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDRN71779

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(1994/Rhino) 103 tracks (incl. Cola Radio Spot 1964) Longbox with 6 page booklet.

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Roy Orbison: The MGM Years 1965-1973 (13-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDROY23320

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(Universal) Schuber mit LP Cover Replikas, 152 tracks, 12 original Alben plus Bonus CD mit B-Seiten und Singles (16 tracks).

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Various: Rock, Rhythm And Doo Wop Vol.2 (3-CD Box, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: CDRHM7805

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(2001/Rhino Handmade) 66 tracks - US Longbox with 48 page booklet - numbered limited Edition

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Fats Domino: Out Of New Orleans (8-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD15541

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Republication of the legendary Fats Domino CD box set that includes all his Imperial recordings (1948 -1962). We decided to revive this great box set due to public demand and as our Tribute to the late great Fats Domino! This set will be a new revised edition...

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Cliff Richard: The Rock'n'Roll Years 1958-63 (4-CD - Book) Box Set
Art-Nr.: CDCLIFF001

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(1997/EMI) 105 tracks - LP-sized Box Set. This definitive Boxset contains an 50 page LP-sized booklet, throughout illustrated with rare color and b/w photos, labelshots and UK discography. Digitally remastered EMI originals, Acetates ect.

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Buddy Holly: The Buddy I Knew (7-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTMM3259

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(Tex-Mex) 218 tracks, including interviews and newscasts, 14 x 2.5 x 12.5 cm hardcover digisleeve with seven wallets and a 20 page booklet.  -  Unofficial release - deleted for years. Package is dated 2000 but each dics states 1995.

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Benny Joy: Crash The Party (3-CD Schuber - Slipcase)
Art-Nr.: CDCED351

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(2009/Norton) 76 tracks 1957-61 with 20 page booklet. All his Rockabilly killers incl. 44! previously unissued sides. - 'This Is Hepcat's Heaven' - available also on 5 Vinyl Albums (NR 346-350)

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Various: So-Cal Speed Shop's Hot Rod Classics (4-CD Digibook)
Art-Nr.: CDRB3173

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(Rockbeat Records) 124 tracks, 21.5x21.5 cm clothbound (rubber) digibook with 4-CD and 80 page of rare (often prev. unissued) photos, adverts, lobby cards & movieposters. Music contains original 1950/60s street themed Rock & Roll classics plus rare jingles...

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