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The Birth Of Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly 

At least when Bill Haley & His Comets came up with 'Rock Around The Clock' Rock and Roll had arrived. Haley became the first boss of Rock and took the worldwide music charts by storm in 1954. Completely destroyed concert halls and ballrooms was the result of a rebellious youth against the adult establishment in the 1950s. They didn't want to hear no more wartime stories nor watch Elvis on TV filmed only from the waist up – they wanted the whole Elvis Presley with all his wonderful sexual moves on stage and TV. Rock and Roll arrived and shook the world and shocked the elderlies. But what the hell is the difference? Adults had set the world on fire during WWII and how come that those same adults declared Elvis as sexually vulgar?!

Youth in the 1950s

The youth already had its own teen jive talk but the arrival of Elvis, Bill and Gene Vincent among others became all of a sudden their musical megaphone even that adults won't understand. How could they understand the meaning of 'A wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom' and 'Be bop a lula'?!

When black and white started coming together for a colorful world

The 1950s was a rebellious period. Disc jockey Alan Freed was the first to play records by black and white artists together in his radio shows and later in his famous live jamborees at the Paramount Theatre in New York City. The culture of music with heads like Freed was the first in place tearing down racial barriers! Since then classic Rock and Roll is a timeless music and we say it in the words of Danny & The Juniors' famous hit: 'Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay'!

The Rockin' Rollin' Family - Bear Family

We serve all classic Rock and Roll on CDs as an album, on vinyl records as longplayers (LP) or 7inches as 45rpm singles or Extended Plays, EPs at either 45 or 33rpm.

Dale Hawkins: L.A., Memphis And Tyler, Texas (LP, 180gram Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: BAF18041

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• In 1956, Dale Hawkins (1936 - 2010) wrote Suzie Q - a giant song and a classic of garage rock of the 1960s. • After his years as a musician at Chess Records (1956 - 1961), he recorded for various US labels and worked as a producer. • In 1969 he made his...

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Jerry Lee Lewis: In The Beginning (LP, 180gram Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: BAF18025

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ALTERNATIVE VERSIONS - FIRST TIME ON VINYL  1-LP, 180 gram Vinyl-LP, 14 tracks, Total playing time approx. 33:10 minutes. NEW to LP – never released before 12'' vinyl albums! For the first time in more than a generation: two entirely new vinyl Jerry...

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Jim Breedlove: Sings Rock & Roll
Art-Nr.: BFX15327

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(1989/BEAR FAMILY) 12 tracks, KILER DILLER Rhythm & Blues vinyl, feat. 12 Rockers you don't get on any CD!! Breedlove was the founder of the Doo Wop group the Cues and was part of them until 1957 when he left the group to start his solo career! Check also Breedlove...

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Trini Lopez: Live
Art-Nr.: BFX15344

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LP on Bear Family RECORDS RECORDS by Trini Lopez - Live

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Arnie Derksen: My Dancin' Shoes
Art-Nr.: BF15362

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LP on Bear Family RECORDS RECORDS by Arnie Derksen - My Dancin' Shoes

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Kris Jensen: Let's Sit Down - A Milestone In Rock'n'Roll Music Vol.1 (LP)
Art-Nr.: BFX15023

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(1979/Bear Family Records) 12 tracks - original Hickory master recordings 1962-63 produced by Wesley Rose.  - New, mint stock copy (Bear Family Records)

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Kris Jensen: Torture
Art-Nr.: BFX15031

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LP on Bear Family RECORDS RECORDS by Kris Jensen - Torture

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Dean Beard: Rakin' And Scrapin'
Art-Nr.: LPS3008

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​(Revival) 18 tracks, recorded for Fox, Edmoral, Atlantic, Challenge, Candix, Sangelo and Sims from 1955-1966!

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The Everly Brothers: Susie Q (Vinyl-LP)
Art-Nr.: MFLP052

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(Magnum Force) 12 tracks, recorded 1960 to 1968!

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Merrill E. Moore: 20 Golden Pieces
Art-Nr.: LPBDL2011

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(1979/Bulldog) 20 tracks - all his Rockers recorded for the Capitol label in the 1950s! Great compilation!

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Gene Vincent: Dressed In Black (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPMF016.1

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(Magnum Force) 14 tracks - 1965 to 1970 studio tracks and private 'live' recordings from 1971!

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Vince Taylor: The Big Beat Years 1980-85 (25cmLP&CD) Ltd.
Art-Nr.: LPBBR222

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(2013/BIG BEAT) 11 tracks (Vinyl) 17 tracks (CD) Limited Edition!

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Robe Hoeke: R. Hoeke & The Real
Art-Nr.: DS9234

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LP on COLLECTOR RECORDS by Robe Hoeke - R. Hoeke & The Real

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Eddie Cochran: Rock And Roll Anthologie (25cmLP&CD) Limited
Art-Nr.: LPBBR227

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(2013/BIG BEAT) 10 tracks (Vinyl) 24 tracks (CD). Limited Edition!

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The Sonics: Boom (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPNW905

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(1998/Norton) 16 Tracks - Gatefold Cover - The ultimate garage kings ' second killer album blows neighborhood gourds just like it did in 1966! Norton delivers the entire original album plus 1972 live tracks of The Witch and Psycho plus acool crazed first sesh alt...

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Jerry Lee Lewis: Complete London Session Vol.1 (LP)
Art-Nr.: BFX15240

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(1986/Bear Family Records) 13 tracks 1973 - Gatefold Cover. Mint stock copy (Bear Family Records)

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The Sonics: Here Are The Sonics!!! (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPNW903

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(1998/Norton) 16 Tracks - The utterly most fabulous debut album from the loudest crowd of punk rockers ever! Originally released in early '65, this hard-hitting screamfest took the local teen scene by the eardrums and never let go! An astonishing battle of the wills...

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