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British Rock'n'Roll! Are you ready for the islanders? This comes from the rockin' British isles! "The empire strikes back!"- must have been the speech in the mid-1950s London area. It was then when all of a sudden plenty of wild young British Rock'n'Roll singers appeared on the scene. They were even wilder than most of their American idols. Give it a listen and check out thos British wild cats Marty Wilde (the name says it), Terry Dene, Tommy Steele, Colin Hicks, Vince Taylor, Adam Faith, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, The John Barry Seven, Don Lang & His Frantic Five, Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers...the list is endlessly.

Sir Cliff Richard

The most famous in the first row is absolutely Cliff Richard & The Shadows. When Cliff started his career in 1957 his accompanying band The Shadows were still known as The Drifters. They later changed their name not to get confused with the American vocal group by the same name. His first chart entries in the UK were 'Move It!' in '58 and 'Living Doll' in '59. Cliff's long ongoing career until present presented him many awards and at least The Queen awarded him to a 'Sir' - Sir Cliff Richard.

Move It!

'Move It!' - the battle cry of the British rockers in the old times (nowadays it's 'Rockabilly Rules OK' since Crazy Cavan...). The above mentioned list of fantastic vintage rockers from Great Britain and more can be found here! You get them all at Bear Family! British Rock'n'Roll and British Rockabilly on CDs and Vinyl-Records!

Cliff Richard: Premium Gold Collection (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDP853148

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CD on EMI RECORDS by Cliff Richard - Premium Gold Collection (CD)

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Sandie Shaw: Wiedehopf im Mai
Art-Nr.: CD90417

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CD on LEGEND RECORDS by Sandie Shaw - Wiedehopf im Mai

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