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Don Woody: You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree (CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD17137

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1-CD-Album digipack with 28-page booklet, 11 tracks, playingtime: 25:55. The first and only compilation of music by a rockabilly legend! Contains every recording made by Don Woody for Decca and Arco! Hear two unissued 1950s acetates! Contains bonus tracks of songs...

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BOOGIE TWISTERS: The Boogie Twisters
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5689

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(2011/RHYTHM BOMB) 7 tracks, Rhythm & Blues influenced Rockabilly Trio from Frankfort, Germany! It's been said that these guys are a tremendous live act and here they are with their powerful debut!

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Various: Goofin' 25th Anniversary Party Singles (Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: CDGR6161

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(2009/GOOFIN) 10 tracks - papersleeve

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HOEDOWNERS: Hoedown Jamboree - Mini Album
Art-Nr.: CDGR6115

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CD on GOOFIN' RECORDS by HOEDOWNERS - Hoedown Jamboree - Mini Album

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JOLLY BE GOODE: Still No Ballads - Mini Album Papersleeve
Art-Nr.: CDGR6152

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(2008/GOOFIN) 9 tracks - papersleeve

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Various: Vol.2, Foot Tappin' And Dance At The Screami
Art-Nr.: CDET1029

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(2009/EL TORO) 27 tracks (67:59) great dancin' compilation of original 1950s recordings.

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Various: Vol.3, Foot Tappin' And Dance At The Screamin
Art-Nr.: CDET1035

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(2010/EL TORO) 27 tracks; Rockin' compilation made by the dutch DJ AT A mixture of R&B, Western Swing and Rockabilly. Great dancable stuff, heard at the Screamin' Festival in Spain every summer!

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Various: Foot Tappin' And Dance At The Screamin'Festiv
Art-Nr.: CDET1017

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(2008/EL TORO) 27 tracks (67:28) 1940/50s - nice price sampler with rockin' tunes from Western Swing to Jive & Rockabilly, compiled by DJ AT (spinning records at the Screamin' Rock & Rhythm Festival in Spain) 'Perfect For Dancin''

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