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Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley - CD Book by Dave Roberts
Art-Nr.: book_5888

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1994 Paperback, 120 Seiten, 14,2 x 12,5 x 0,7 cm, CD Book START YOUR CD BOOKS COLLECTION NOW! Colourful, compact and endlessly informative, this original series of CD-format books covers the hottest, most happening areas of entertainment, from rock stars and...

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Elvis Presley: Caught In A Trap - Arjan Deelen & Laurens van Houten - 1973 Photobook
Art-Nr.: 0016275

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(2002/IET) Hardback/Gebunden, 21x30 cm, 120 Pages/Seiten; In August 1973, Dutch rock photographer Laurens van Houten flew to Las Vegas to capture the magic of Elvis Presley in concert with his camera. He wasn't even sure whether he would be able to make any photos at...

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Elvis Presley: The Rock'n'Roll Years Vol.1 - My Wish Came True
Art-Nr.: 0016291

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Photobook by Ger Rijff, Jeanpaul Commandeur & Trevor Cajiao; glossy Paperback, 23x26 cm, ca.120 pages, stunning, mostly unpublished images in b&w and color on high quality paper. Approximately 150 images from the period 1953-1959 - Rare and previously...

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Tony Sheridan: The Teacher - The Tony Sheridan Story
Art-Nr.: 0019064

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(2013/AMPS) English, paperback, 120 pages, incl 4 pages of color and b/w photos, 21x15cm, written by Alan Mann, very informative!

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Elvis Presley: Viva Las Vegas - J.A.Tunzi & Paul Lichter
Art-Nr.: 0016402

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(2010/JAT) Hardcover, 24x27 cm, 120 pages, complete illustrated with rare b&w and full color photos on high quality/glossy paper. Out of print -  few stock copies of this beautiful collector's item.

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Edward Hopper: Die Meisterwerke
Art-Nr.: 0041947

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14,4 x 19 cm, broschiert, 120 Seiten, 40 Farbabbildugnen Eine melancholische Grundstimmung durchzieht das Werk von Edward Hopper (1882-1967), des ersten grossen Amerikaners in der Weltgeschichte der Malerei. Das Leitmotiv seiner Gemälde ist die Einsamkeit des...

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Filmprogramme: Die großen Preußenfilme 1921-1932
Art-Nr.: 0041545

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Paperback, 22x28.5 cm, 120 Seiten;

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Jerry Jankowski: Shelf Space - Package Design - Shelf Space - Modern Package Desing 1945-1965
Art-Nr.: 0041637

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English, Paperback, 22x20 cm, 120 pages, throughout with full color illustrations

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