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Kehr, Dave: Victor Burleigh: Reggae, Blues & World Beat
Art-Nr.: 00426929

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Gebundene Ausgabe - 160 pages - Museum of Modern Art - Englisch 'Art and fine craftsmanship, which are essential to Italian culture, are evident in these gloriously beautiful posters.' Martin Scorsese 'The Italians have their own way of making movies and their...

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Stuart Colman: They Kept On Rockin'
Art-Nr.: AB41001

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(1982/Blandford) Paperback, English, 160 pages, 24.5x19 cm, many b&w illustrations. An authoritative, yet highly readable and visual celebration of the giants and pioneers of Rock'n'Roll.

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Elvis Presley: The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley by David Adler
Art-Nr.: 0016133

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160 pages/Seiten; 23x20 cm; Paperback: Food Fit For A King The Definitive Elvis Cookbook 'A splendid book.' The Independent Unlike most celebrities who are distant from their fans, Elvis was a star of the people; Elvis, rich and famous, was still one of them. His...

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Jan Bellekens: Covered - Classic Cover Sleeves And Their Imitators
Art-Nr.: 0042367

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(2011/Easy On The Eye) Flexicover, 207x205 mm, 160 pages.

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Joice Overton: Cowboy Americana - Cowboy Americana
Art-Nr.: 0031238

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Alles über amerikanische Cowboy Outfits, incl. Sätteln, Sporen und Boots!

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Dietmar Hoscher: Blues - Bluesphilosophie in Wort und Bild
Art-Nr.: 040154

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Bücher/Books on MÜLLER VERLAG by Dietmar Hoscher - Blues - Bluesphilosophie in Wort und Bild Wenn wir beide uns verletzen würden, wir würden beide rotes Blut verlieren. Wenn du in die Sonne gehst, wirst du dunkel. Wenn wir krank werden, benötigen wir dieselbe...

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Dennis Adler: Adler, Dennis - Fifties Flashback - The American Car
Art-Nr.: 0041772

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English, Hardback/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag,26x26 cm, 160 pages/ Seiten, complete illustrated with color and b&w photos;

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Joe Tonelli & Marc Luers: Bowling Shirts - Bowling Shirts
Art-Nr.: 0041490

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English, Paperback, 28x21.5 cm, 160 pages/Seiten; in over 600 ! color photographs, the shirts are displayed alphabetically by manufacturer. Embroidery and design detail, manufacturer's labels, and special features are shown along with a complete description and value...

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Lawrence Bassoff: Crime Scenes - Film Noir - Crime Scene - Movie Poster Art Of The Film Noir
Art-Nr.: 0041458

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English, Paperback, 160 pages, giant 35.5x28 cm size, a stunning collection with background information to every featured movie; In the dark and deadly corner of the cinema which the French dubbed 'film noir' - black film - the century's greatest crime novelists,...

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