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Horst Zimmermann: Picture Sleeve Record Guide - Part 1 (A-L)
Art-Nr.: 0071594

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(2016 by Horst Zimmermann, Fred Hoyt, Heinz-Otto Zimmerman) Glossy Paperback, 21.5x28 cm, 392 pages, more than 8.000 picture sleeves (in Part1&2) in full color, actual values in US$, Bell Records  sleeeves complete (in part 2) plus rare fold-outs, promos,...

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James R. Goff Jr.: Close Harmony History Of Southern Gospel
Art-Nr.: 0031187

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English, Paperback, 14.5x23 cm, 392 pages, b&w photos; The spread of white gospel music is intricately connected to the people who based their livelihoods on it and 'Close Harmony' is filled with the stories of artists and groups such as Frank Stamps, the Chuck...

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Scott Yanow: Bebop - Bebop - Essential Listening Companion
Art-Nr.: 0041687

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Inglés, Rústica, 19x23,5 cm, 392 páginas, pocas fotos en blanco y negro; En los talones del swing en 1945, Bebop lo cambió todo. Esta es la guía definitiva para los innovadores, melodías y actitudes que hicieron que el jazz pasara de ser una música de baile a ser un...

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