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Kip Lornell: Happy In The Service Of The Lord
Art-Nr.: 0041095

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...THE LORD: 176 pages/Seiten; 24/16cm; Hardback/Gebunden AFRO/ AMERICAN GOSPEL QUARTETS IN MEMPHIS. The sub/title of the book says it all. Der Untertitel sagt alles/ . Alles über das Motown Label, Diskografien, Label Aufstellungen, und viele andere Fakten.

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Wayne W. Daniel: Pickin' On Peachtree - Pickin' On Peachtree
Art-Nr.: 0031039

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(1990/Univ.Illinois) 295 pages/Seiten, 17x23.5 cm, Hardback, b&w photos. A history of Country Music In Atlanta, Georgia.

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Michael F. Scully: The Never Ending Revival - The Never-Ending Revival
Art-Nr.: 0031427

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(2008/Uni.Illinois Press) English, Clothbound w.Dustjacket, 16x23 cm, 260 pages.

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Jim Longhi: Woody, Cisco & Me
Art-Nr.: 0041627

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English, Paperback, 15.5x23 cm, 280 pages, rare b&W photos; 'A wonderful, unexpected book. Thank you Jim!...Pete Seeger

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