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BEAR FAMILY RECORDS: Bear Family Records - Bear Family Records Complete Catalog 2011
Art-Nr.: 000227727

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Paperback - Bear Family Records - 656 pages - 2011 - 840 gram, 21 x 15 x 2.5 cm. Making tracks since 1975 Dear friends, this is the latest issue of our Complete Catalog. After 35 years in the business, I'm proud to say that we've kept more clas-sic music in print...

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Ulrich Klatte: The Vertigo Swirl Label - Ulrich Klatte und Marcel Koopman
Art-Nr.: 0071104

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(2016/CPG) Deutsch/English, Hardcover/Gebunden mit festen Deckeln und Leseband, 320 Seiten/pages. 2nd Edition. - 320 pages of essential Vertigo Swirl Label record collecting data covering label numbers, release dates, current Mint values and additional information...

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Maurizio Maiotti: Phonocolor Records - Complete Italian Discography 1959-1971
Art-Nr.: 0071303

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(2015/Jamboree) paperback, 21x28 cm, 80 pages, hundreds of rare b/w and color illustrations. Phonocolor, Style, Oscar, Big Ben and Primavera 45RPM. EP, LP 1959-71. Custom printing - limited quantities.

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Maurizio Maiotti: Un Estate Al Mare (copertine estive anni '60) Seaside and Beach Covers Italy 1960s
Art-Nr.: 0042182

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(2010/Jamboree) Glossy Paperback, 21x28 cm, 80 pages, mostly full color illustrations of mostly 1960s Italian record covers.

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Alain Boulanger, John Cowley & Marc Monneraye: Creole Music Of The French West Indies A Discography 1900-1959
Art-Nr.: BFB10028

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Creole Music Of The French West Indies, A Discography, 1900-1959 Compiled by Alain Boulanger, John Cowley and Marc Monneraye With an historical essay 'Mascarade, biguine and the bal nègre' by John Cowley Translators: Patrice Champarou (English to French) Chris...

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Clem Sacco: M.Maiotti: La Lapide Della Mia Tomba
Art-Nr.: 0019063

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(2012/MAIOTTI) Autobiography and discography of the Italian Rock & Roll Singer! Written in Italian and English!! 95 pages and the book includes many photographs and everything you need to know about the artist! 21x28 cm, PB.

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The Rolling Stones: Christoph Maus: Stones Worldwide III
Art-Nr.: 0018043

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Gebundene Ausgabe: 386 Seiten Größe: 21,2 x 15,4 x 2,6 cm Original LP Ausgaben von 1963 - 1971 plus alle Wiederveröffentlichungen und Kopplungen auf dem Decca Label (auf London in Amerika und Japan) rund um den Globus bis 1983 in 46 Ländern - von A (wie Argentinien)...

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The Rolling Stones: Christoph Maus: Stones Worldwide-EP - S 1963-71
Art-Nr.: 0018041

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The complete Rollings Stones worldwide EP/singles discography from 1963-71!

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Blues Records Guide Book: Blues Records Guide Book
Art-Nr.: 040016

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(1988 Japan)(Paperback) P-Vine (300-seitige Auflistung der nach Musikgebieten geordneten ca. 700 in- teressantesten Blues-LPs aus aller Welt, sowie im 2.Teil ausführli- chere Biographien einzelner Musiker. Text in japanisch; jedoch viele Abb. und Titel-Listungen /...

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