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Barry Miles: The British Invasion - The Music, The Times, The Era
Art-Nr.: 0042926

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(2009/Sterling) Barry Miles, 23.5x31.1 cm, hardback w.dustjacket, english, 304 pages, full colour illustrations throughout, includes photographs. This is a fascinating volume that celebrates the United States embracing British music, film, fashion and art in the...

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Pop Memories: Pop Memories 1900-1940 (HB)
Art-Nr.: 0081490

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(2015/Record Research) 300+ pages | Size: 8.5' x 11' inches | Hardcover

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Graphische Träume: 800 film posters of German and international productions
Art-Nr.: BFB10022

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DIN A4, 304 pages, 4-color, hardcover  800 film posters of German and international productions ......painters are true masters, and so in their way are movie poster designers. Graphic designers had to understand the public's taste, then make them go to see...

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Blues Records Guide Book: Blues Records Guide Book
Art-Nr.: 040016

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(1988 Japan)(Paperback) P-Vine (300-seitige Auflistung der nach Musikgebieten geordneten ca. 700 in- teressantesten Blues-LPs aus aller Welt, sowie im 2.Teil ausführli- chere Biographien einzelner Musiker. Text in japanisch; jedoch viele Abb. und Titel-Listungen /...

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