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Some years before Rock and Beatlemania swept onto the scene in the sixties, an Italian group of four musi-cians had sparked off the very same craze on the other side of the Transalpine mountains, with a resounding success that earned them international fame and sold them millions of records. The quartet — none other than MARINO MARINI. With my mother being from Naples, my whole family was there on that ist May, 1957 to cheer on the Quartet from Naples for their first Parisan gig. The occasion was the Bruno Coquatrix concert for Europe 1 'Musicorama' at the Olympia.
I was only 8, but I still remember how the French crowd went wild and began dancing in the aisles when guitarist Toto Savioburst into a Boogie Woogie, eyes blindfolded and guitar behind his back — a real Jimmy Hendrix before his time.
During several trips to America, Marino Marini had perfected his own style by watching the 'Greats' like Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Ventura and Stan Kenton, and discovered his own recipe to success — an authentic U.S. swing adapted to remakes and original Neapolitan songs. Add to that the fabulous voice and playboy physique of bass player/singer Ruggero Curi (a Canzonetta-style Gene Vincent) and put it to the beat and Naples street-kid-charm of drummer Sergio... That performance will always be one of the great concerts of the Olympia. And for Marino Marini, it paved the way to international fame and fortune.
Thanks Naples...
Jacky Chalard

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I Grandi Successi Originali (2-CD)
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Marino Marini & Suo Quarteto (CD)
Marino Marini: Marino Marini & Suo Quarteto (CD) Art-Nr.: CD21216

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