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The Margraves: On The Warpath - Vinyl LP
Art-Nr.: LPRBR5910

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(2014/2015Rhythm Bomb) 12 tracks, the Margraves album 'On The Warpath' was already released as CD-album in 2014 and now finally will have a place in our record shelves on vinyl! Guitar driving late 50s and early 60s Rock'n'Roll as the likes of the Bobby Fuller Four,...

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The Margraves: Primitive Beat (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPRBR5929

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(Rhythm Bomb) 14 tracks - The second album of The Margraves with their leader Roy Kay on vocals and guitar! All songs were written by Roy Kay himself. Straight early 1960s Rock 'n' Roll with a 'Surf' and 'Garage Rock 'n' Roll' elements. Highly recommended! Check...

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The Margraves: On The Warpath
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5792

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(2014/Madrona Ranch/RBR) 12 tracks (29:05) superb late 50s style Rock & Roll album filled with melody, harmony and drivin' guitars. The Margraves are an offshot of the famous Roy Kay Trio and all songs are band originals! Highlight!*****

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The Margraves: Primitive Beat (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5853

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(2017/Rhythm Bomb) 14 Tracks - Ecopack - The Margraves, take inspiration from the late 50’s artists that created a new wild sound and create something new again. From upbeat vocal harmony tracks to untamed and moody instrumentals, The Margraves are filling dance...

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The Margraves: That Somethin' b-w Girl Trouble
Art-Nr.: LIZ4505

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Killer 45 from the Margraves on pink vinyl! Limited edition - only a few available!

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